Getting on board with! #Vlogger #Vlog

Chelsea and I are pretty late on the bandwagon for but now that we have learned how to use it for the most part  we really enjoy it. Never thought that I would actually enjoy the video part of this. Chelsea really loves making the comedy and dance videos. Continue reading

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Getting Together With Family: Trying out Baby Mum Mums! #MomsMeet #BabyMumMums #Snacks

Chelsea and I really love when we are able to try out products with our friends and family. We were given the opportunity to try out baby mum mum snacks. These are perfect for infants that are teething and toddlers. Chelsea really enjoyed the blueberry and Goji Berry ones. I even tried them and thought that they tasted great. Since adults think they are great. The kids will definitely love them. Continue reading

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National Smile Day on June 15! #NationalSmileCampaign #suzanneadamssmilechallenge

When: June 15-June 22

To celebrate National Smile Day, which is celebrated on June 15, bestselling author Suzanne Adams is kicking off a National Smith Contest. This contest is encouraging people to look up and connect with others through sharing a smile. In a time where people are addicted to social media and have lost personal connection, we are reminding people of the power of a smile. Continue reading

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Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Visiting John’s Incredible Pizza! #Pizza #Outings

This weekend we wanted to go spend sometime at John’s Incredible Pizza. We love that it is a buffet so that you have many items to choose from for your meal. We have been to John’s Incredible Pizza several times just about once a month. It seems like one of the best places for us for family date night. Chelsea just enjoys going on the rides and playing the games. She loves watching the movies that they have on the big screens in the dining areas. Surprisingly we were there for more than 5 hours and were quite content.  Continue reading

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Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Build A Bear Experience! #BuildABear #FunActivities #Preschooler


Sometimes we just want to get out for the day. Last weekend we decided after her dance class we would go to lunch and then have a fun afternoon at Build A Bear. There are so many different animals to choose from. Continue reading

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Help Your Child Avoid Summer Tantrums with These 5 Tips from Brain Balance

Confession time: I absolutely hate summer sometimes. I know—summer is supposed to be full of blue skies, popsicles, and sprinklers. But it can be a lot of pressure to keep the kids occupied when school is out. It’s hard for me to set the kids up with activities that keep them learning and engaged. It can be particularly tough for parents of kids with behavioral, social, or learning difficulties.  Continue reading

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Vegas PBS KIDS Day at Cowabunga Bay, May 27-28 to Benefit Education #StayOutOfHeat #SummerFun #CowabungaBay

Vegas PBS KIDS Day at Cowabunga Bay, May 27-28 to Benefit Education

With the heat soaring this weekend you just might want to take advantage of this great deal going on and at the same time support the Vegas PBS Ready to Learn Program. I know many families that would absolutely love going to this park for the day!

Special admissions discount with portions of proceeds to benefit Vegas PBS Ready To Learn programVegasPBSCowabunga

Continue reading

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Beauty & The Beast Music Album Giveaway Ends 6/10/17 #Beauty&TheBeast #Disney #Music #Giveaway

Celebrate with Beauty and the Beast!  Walt Disney Records is offering a Beauty and the Beast CD giveaway! The soundtrack to Disney’s resplendent live-action update of the animated classic gets a similarly opulent makeover with Ariana Grande, John Legend, Josh Groban, Céline Dion, Audra McDonald, and more. The album is filled with rousing sing-along moments perfect for the family trip (“Belle,” “Gaston,” and “Be Our Guest”) or when you need some alone time in the driveway (“How Does a Moment Last Forever” and “Evermore”). Continue reading

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