GOTRAX™, the Denver-based brand of electric rideables driven by imagination and innovation with a focus on science and education, announces a nationwide hoverboard giveaway to celebrate the launch of the off-road ready HOVERFLY XL, and the budget-friendly HOVERFLY ECO.



GOTRAX™ will be giving away one each of the new models. Hoverboard hopefuls who are at least 13 years of age and living within the Continental United States can enter to win at the official contest page until the end of November, 2017. Continue reading

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Great Gift Ideas for Kids: Gift Sets by Townley Girl #TownleyGirl #2017HolidayGiftGuide

I feel that these types of gifts are cute for little girls. Sometimes little girls feel that they need to wear makeup as they see older siblings, cousins or parents wearing it. TownleyGirl offers make up, hair and nail polish sets that are geared more towards their age so that they don’t end up looking too grown up. Chelsea just loves these little sets and I know that many of you will love them too. I love that they have little nail polish sets and lip gloss sets.  Continue reading

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Yummy Treats from Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Training Treats! #Woof

I love when I find services that provide ways for me to save time shopping but also save me some money. I feel that has all of the different pet supplies I would need for my pets. For the month of October they even had quite a big assortment of doggy costumes for Halloween. Continue reading

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Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Breaking Geodes! #Geodes #Fun #Learning

Chelsea and I found a kit on Amazon and thought it would be fun to see what the inside of Geodes look like. I love that Chelsea really loves to learn and see whats around her. This kit offered 12 Geodes for a very low price so I thought it would be a great activity. Chelsea was so excited to show everyone how her geodes looked inside. We ended up smashing 4 of them and saving the rest for a later time.

Continue reading

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How to Have a Healthy Halloween! #HealthyTips

For many parents, the scariest thing about Halloween is the haul of candy their kids bring home after trick-or-treating. Candy has been the star of the holiday for so long that it’s nearly impossible to avoid. (Even dentists seem resigned to that fact: 76 percent of them hand out candy for Halloween, according to the American Dental Association.)

“As a dietitian who is obsessed with what her kids eat, I never worried too much about special occasions such as Halloween,” says Amy Keating, R.D., a Consumer Reports dietitian. “Routine, everyday eating habits are most important. That said, some kids bring home so much candy that it sits around the house for weeks and becomes an everyday part of the diet instead of an occasional treat.”

That can be a problem for your child’s health—and yours too, if you can’t resist dipping into your child’s stash. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With a few strategies in place you can have a healthy Halloween and you don’t have to skip the candy to do it.   Continue reading

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Children’s Movie Critics: Emoji Movie! #Emoji #MovieReview #Critics

Chelsea and I just love being able to check out the new movies that come out.  We don’t have many opportunities to see them in the movie theaters so when we are able to review them in DVD or Bluray format we really get excited. Chelsea and I really enjoy checking out the new Children’s movie releases. We recently got the opportunity to check out Emoji Movie.  Continue reading

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Holiday Cards are an Important Part of the Holiday Season with The Stationery Studio! #HolidayCards #Greetings #Stationery

In the beginning of November I always love to get ready to send out my holiday cards to all of our family and friends. The holiday card options that are available at Stationery Studio are pretty much endless. I love how they work with you on every little detail to make sure that your holiday cards come out perfectly. Continue reading

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Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Fall is upon us! #PaintedRocks #Walking

Chelsea and I enjoy going to the park and going for walks. We like to do that especially if my husband is going to be joining us. I feel that it is more of adventure that way. I just adore when the 3 of us can have some family time together. Continue reading

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