Gifts For Coffee Lovers, Gamers and In Between

Drinking Coffee  or Tea in our home is almost a necessity every morning. We really enjoy trying different flavors of Coffee and Tea. We would love to share with our readers some of our favorite ideas for Coffee Lovers.

Jingle Java Gift Set by Two Rivers Coffee

51uc02bj3wlDashing through the holidays got you feeling a little ho-ho-hum?  This warm and comforting brew infused with the homey flavors of hazelnut and nutmeg is enough to put the jingle back into your step. I feel that these coffee really make the holiday season just rock. Normally you would see the Pumpkin Spice type coffees towards the holiday season but I love that there are other holiday flavors available to choose from. I think that this coffee is really one of my new favorites.  I feel that this would be a great gift idea for any one that loves coffee.

Premium Coffee Gift Set by Two Rivers Coffee

15268063_1204340436327435_6552249466458236382_nI love this gift set it gives you the opportunity to try several of the different flavored coffees. I love that once you try these different flavors that your able to purchase your favorite flavors separately. I feel that this is a great gift option for all coffee lovers.

Dancing Moon Coffee Company

dancingmoonThis Coffee from Dancing Moon Company is just delicious. It comes in a large resealable bag. It is whole beans so you can ground them freshly every day. It really makes your home smell as amazing having freshly ground and brewed coffee. This coffee definitely is refreshing when we wake up in the morning. My husband and I have coffee just about every morning. It really helps us get the day going. There are several varieties available to choose from. We actually have shared these with our family and they seem to love them. If you would like to learn more about this company click on the link above.

Zoku – Iced Coffee Maker (Coming Soon) 


We would also love to share our gift ideas for gamers. My husband and I love playing different video games. It actually runs in the family to love playing games. Each time my family visits we enjoy our time by playing board games and card games. Family Game Night happens a lot in our household.

Winning Moves Games – Pass The Pigs (Big Pigs), Rubix Jr., & This Game is Bonkers!

Chelsea and I just adore these games. Pass The Pigs is now one of our favorite games to play. Chelsea just loves this game. She really plays it well. She loves making the points. Rubix Jr. its a great choice for little ones wanting to learn how to solve this puzzle. Chelsea and I really enjoy attempting the puzzle. This game is bonkers is really different compared to games we have played in the past. It is different each time that you play the game so you never know what to expect.  We feel that these games would be great choices for family gifts.

Activision Video Games – Destiny Collection & Skylanders Imaginators!

My family has always had a fond of video games and other types of games. My husband truly enjoys playing Destiny while my daughter and I enjoy playing Skylanders. We really feel that these games are very enjoyable. Even though that they are mainly 1 player games without the online access we feel that they are great family games.

unnamed-3Destiny – The Collection is an all-access pass to one of the best-selling franchises in video game history, packing two years of content into one epic offering, including the new Rise of Iron expansion.  Destiny – The Collection features the following FIVE adventures:

  • Destiny – Original award-winning game
  • The Dark Below – Expansion I
  • House of Wolves – Expansion II
  • The Taken King – First Major Expansion
  • Rise of Iron – Destiny’s newest adventure

img_2271My daughter and I enjoy taking turns playing with the different characters. We love that when we add characters or other accessories to the game it adds to the fun. Chelsea and I both have our own favorite characters which makes it even more enjoyable.

Skylanders Imaginators empowers players to unleash their imaginations by giving them the freedom to create their own Skylander character, plus support of all 300+ Skylanders from previous games. The game will also feature Sensei toys and characters including this year’s guest stars Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Neo Cortex and Kaos. Fans can also create on-the-go with the free Skylanders Creator App (select iOS and Android devices), offering the same in-game character creation tools plus the option to bring creations to life as a t-shirt, 2-D playable card, or a fully playable 3-D printed Skylanders Imaginatorstoy!

Kooba – OGOSport

kooba-liteChelsea and I really enjoy playing this game. It is very similar to darts. We have placed it on her wall and we love playing this game as a family. Kooba combines the dexterity of darts and the knock-em-out strategy of a classic board game.  Players use the two KOOBA game sticks to fling Aeros, (magnetic projectiles) at a wall-mounted game board. Tactile, kinetic, colorful and engaging, it’s easy to learn, yet always a challenge. New players can jump right in and feel like a pro by the end of their first game – no complicated rules, just take aim and flick the sticks to shoot! A smaller version, Kooba Lite, is also available.

Wonderforge Games

img_2287Star Wars Eye Found It, Frozen Olaf Hide & Seek, Dr Suess Whirly Fun, Marvels: I can Do That, Boulder Burst and Finding Dory’s Bubble Science. These games are a big hit in our household. Chelsea really enjoys playing Where’s Olaf. She loves having to look throughout the house to have to find him. Marvel I Can Do That really promotes imagination and creativity which is one of the things I like to make sure the toys and games I allow my daughter to play do. She has been enjoying playing these games with her friends. Star Wars Eye Found It is actually my favorite out of these games. I love having to search the pictures to find the different items. Chelsea is learning to like this game as well. We feel that these games are great options for a family gift.  These are available at many retailers near you.

Blue Orange Games

img_2294Chelsea and I really enjoy the games that are created by Blue Orange Games. They all have some sort of educational feature to them. This time around we were able to review Brix, Pin Point and U-Turn. Each of these games are really easy to play. Chelsea and love that they are logical. They truly make you think of which move is the best option. These are available at many retailers near you.