Best of This Seasons Toys

Chelsea and I would like to share with you which toys we feel will be great this year! We truly love gifts that allow us to spend time together and get creative. So most of our ideas will be based on that.

Crayola Crayon Maker

14691282_1161825173912295_5964986655327506590_oChelsea and I truly enjoy this one. We are constantly buying new boxes of crayons as they either get lost in our home or broken. Chelsea and I love that we able to now reuse them and create new crayons with our Crayola Crayon Maker. We feel that this promotes recycling as well as creativity in our household. I feel that it is a great addition to our craft closet and that its not only great for kids but adults too. Crayola has always been a big part of my life. I have many of their different products and feel that they always come on top when it comes to school supplies and art supplies. Their toys and supplies are just perfect for under the tree or in the stockings. If you would like to purchase any of their products click on the link above.

Squinkies Do Drop Play Sets

dsc_1273Chelsea and I truly enjoy all of the different products that allow you to start creating a collection. Some of them are so fun to get the different mystery packs. Chelsea and I really love the surprises each time.  The Squinkies characters are so adorable and a lot of fun to collect each one. I plan on buying Chelsea a few of the mystery packs that go along with this set. I know that they will go very well in her stocking or under the tree. These types of sets keep Chelsea busy for hours and hours. If you would like to purchase one of these sets or one of their many other products click on the above link.

 Art Sets by Alex Toys

dsc_1292Alex Toys has many different types of kits for kids to do. We really love the Lil Lockit Kits that allow Chelsea to make little bracelets, necklaces and keychains. We also love the kit that teaches her how to make tie pillows. I love that they have products for little ones as well as for pre-teens. I feel that these are great family activities. They keep my daughter busy and she really enjoys that these kits provides everything she needs to keep her creative mind flowing. I know Chelsea is very excited to make her pillow and to make the bracelets. I feel that these are great gift ideas to put under the Christmas Tree or for any holiday celebration. I also feel that they are great for not only girls but for boys as well. If you would like to purchase any of their products click on the above link.

Gemmies & Fright Factory by Tech for Kids

818912-gemmies-lifestyleGemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft. Following a simple process, kids clip Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to create a 3D sparkling creation! Design templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations. Getting creative is always a must in our home. We love trying out new things that allow our imaginations to grow. fright-factory-creature-creatorWe love being able to create different little animals and flowers. Chelsea and I love that there is patterns available to help us learn how to connect the pieces together. Fright Factory is a lot of fun for us as well. I really enjoy being able to make the bugs and create different shapes. I used to have a thing just like this growing so I am excited that these types of toys are being created again. If you would like to purchase either one of these products make sure to click on the above link.

Floof by Play Visions

unnamedPlay Visions introduces Floof, the new white, soft and smooth, lighter than air, moldable and stackable compound created by the makers of Sands Alive!. Floof looks like snow, feels like marshmallows, molds like clay, and can be reused every single day. Floof is non-toxic, easy-to-clean, water soluble and will never dry out. With Floof, the possibilities of creations are limitless: from snowmen, to lions, to castles or trees. The process is simple: just mold, shape, stack and decorate. All your creations including your highest towers or tallest snowmen will stand tall and will not topple over due to the compounds composite. The compound is stronger and sturdier to support all of your creations. If you would like to purchase this click on the above link.

Ocean Wonders and Mental Blox by Learning Resources

prod9220_dtEducational toys are always a must in our household. Learning Resources has a wide variety of choices that help with hand eye coordination, learning their numbers, letters, colors and much more. We really were looking for toys this year that helped with hand eye coordination. I know that I had issues with that growing up and I want to stay on top of it for my daughter. Ocean Wonders is great because it helps with the hand eye coordination and you can even work on STEM related playing. I love that you can take this apart and put back together.prod9284_dt It is fun to see how the gears move around. Mental Blox is great as well. I love how it gives flash cards so you have to try to match the patterns to the flash cards. Chelsea spends hours trying to solve the puzzles. I feel that both of these toys are great for family activities as well. It really helps me even with the hand eye coordination and to help me think of other things. If you would like to purchase either one of these click on the link above.


14615819_1148904961870983_7937933953312794981_oThere are currently 10 Dream Frenz characters.  More are currently in development, including a sports line, a heroes line and an international line.  With an oversized, soft head and a tiny body that tucks inside, Dream Frenz is a cuddly plush pillow but also a toy, a stuffed character and a comforting companion that never fails to evoke a smile.  Dream Frenz believes that every child should be a dreamer; the characters are designed to inspire self-expression, story-telling and imagination in children.

American Plastics Toys – Dump Truck

15181562_1204342422993903_6646594588302836304_nGigantic Dump Truck and Gigantic Loader, these rugged vehicles are gigantic in size (nearly two feet long) and feature strong steel axles to withstand even the toughest young trucker! With a working dump bed and loader arm, kids can rules the construction site.  She has been having fun digging and making messes in our backyard with her dump truck. Taking her baby dolls for walks and even has her stuffed animals drive her truck. Even though this toy is generally for boys its a big hit for my daughter. She really makes this toy work for her. The past week it seems that this toy is definitely one of her favorites. She constantly plays with her different toys and rotates them which is great.  We never expected this dump truck to be as big as it is. It was definitely a great surprise for us.


dsc_12623D drawing pens have been introduced as the newest way to create remarkable artwork, especially for kids. IDO3D Vertical makes 3D drawing accessible for all families with sets starting at only $9.99. Unlike many other pens in ever-growing market, the IDO3D Vertical technology uses no heat or plastic filament and the pens are designed to use cool ink that reacts instantly to the built in LED light, allowing users to draw up over and in 3D! Chelsea and I have really been enjoying creating different projects. It comes with a little book of ideas to help you get started. Since this is our first time using one of these we decided to do the basic project and make a pair of eye glasses.

Kitty Club & Zomlings

dsc_1294They offer little packs that comes with one kitty each little pack is a mystery. That makes it tons of fun for the little kids so that they have to guess which little kitty they got and hope to be able to collect all 21 of the kitties. There are also different kits available that you do get to see the Kitty. There is a cafe that you can add to the set and even a convertible that the kitties can drive. If you would like to purchase any of the Kitty Club products: Click Here

dsc_1298Zomlings are the same concept they come in little packs that are mysteries you have to see which one of the zomlings you are going to get. There are over 100 of them to collect. We love that some of them come in little hotel room towers. Chelsea really loves the Magic Hotel. She puts them in the one compartment and then close it and when you reopen it they have disappeared. Chelsea is excited that she got the limited edition lion and a rare pig. I love that most of the ones that she got look like animals. If you would like to purchase any of the Zomling Products: Click Here

Paper Punk

dsc_1289This holiday season take matters into your own hands with Paper Punk – the best new gift for the creative on your list! Exercise your creativity using colorful 2D flat shapes that can transform your holiday get-up into a bold, 3D geometric shaped display. Paper Punk is a creative tool that helps bring the tangible world to life using your own hands. Keep your little ones busy creating robots, unicorns, puppies, kittens and more while dinner is being prepared or even use these toys as a family bonding activity. If you would like to purchase these click on the link above.

Dizzy Gel Pen

dizzy_gels_01Chelsea and I really enjoy working on art projects. Dizzy Gels – the gel tip pen that makes ordinary drawing dizzy with fun! You hold it like a pen and it draws like a pen – but then turn it on and it wiggles to make drawing awesome! My daughter really enjoys working with this pen. She has made several different art projects with it. She even practices her writing. I feel that this is a great gift for either their stocking or for under the tree.