2015 Halloween Guide

thHard to believe this is Chelsea’s 4th Halloween. Chelsea has already mentioned a few times that she wants to be a princess for Halloween this year. I know that she is going to enjoy trick or treating more this year than last as she is a bit older. This will be her 2nd year trick or treating. I felt that she was a bit too young to go trick or treating the previous years.


This year we will be starting a new tradition with our special pumpkin. Her name is Peppin Pumpkin. Chelsea is so excited to open her up and enjoy the message she has for her. I believe that this year she is old enough to make her first Jack o Lantern and really enjoy what happens during this time of year.

The Halloween Happenings

20150830_133150The Halloween Happening is a Halloween Tradition all about decoding a special message. After you give the pumpkin Character a name, he or she comes to life ad he or she watches over you to make sure you behave. Your pumpkin has a special message to give you that they will decide on. The plush toy will determine how long the message is as well as how many days they will come out before Halloween. Let’s say the pumpkin wants to say “Hello” she will come out 5 days before Halloween for some decoding fun.


pbshalloweenChelsea really enjoys watching these educational films from PBS KIDS. PBS Kids has always been a go to channel for shows when I was growing up and now that I have my little own she has been enjoying the shows that are available on there. Out of these three titles I believe that her favorite was Caillou. She really enjoys watching all of these and they are great to add to anyone’s collection of holiday favorites.

Halloween Treats: Fruit Snacks by Crispy Green!

unnamedChelsea and I are always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to the snacks that you see on a daily basis. We want to get away from all of those sweet snacks that are high in calories and high in everything that is not good for our bodies. These snacks from Crispy Greens are just what we were looking for. You don’t have to refrigerate them so they are perfect to stick in Chelsea’s diaper bag or my purse. Yesterday for example while we were shopping Chelsea kept saying she was hungry and was getting impatient. I really wish I would have remembered we had these delicious snacks at home.  These freeze dried fruit snacks are so delicious. I love that they come in many flavors. Click on the link above if you would like to learn more.

MorphSuits: Cinderella Costume!

12120190_924757007619114_487363516983266603_oMorphSuit has a wide variety of costumes to choose from for babies through adults. I love that they have just about every size available and many different ones to choose from. Chelsea is always so little so picking costumes for her has almost always been so complicated. Morphsuit has taken the complication out of the picture for us. Making it easier than ever to find the perfect costume whether its for a party, Halloween or even for a day to dress up. Chelsea loves playing dress up so not only will this costume be great for the holiday but it will be great for playing dress up. Click on the link above if you would like more information.

Allergen Free Halloween: Big Bucket of Monsters & Big Bucket of Zombies

pasted image 0Unlike the average figurine, these menacing monsters stand up on their own, and they definitely put the action in action figure. Each collection includes 12 uniquely posed pieces full of personality. The bucket of monsters includes: a freaky Frankenstein, creepy crawly spiders, howling werewolves, a clawed-at tombstone, and a monster with an appetite for arms. The assortment of zombies includes: an on-the-go zombie girl running with her teddy, creepy corpses escaping from the grave, hungry zombies munching on their brain-food, and a human with a hatchet in his head! Click on the link above for YOUR CHANCE TO WIN THESE FOR YOURSELF and more information about these allergen free alternatives for trick or treating.

Halloween Accessories: SOHO Beauty Disney Villains Cosmetic Bags

unnamed (1)This fall, LONDON SOHO NEW YORK® teams up with Walgreens to offer consumers another daring Disney collection of cosmetic bags – this time featuring the original Villains: Maleficent, Snow White’s Evil Queen and Ursula. Available exclusively at Walgreens, the Villains collection contains six new cosmetic bags that will make being bad look so stylish. Click on the above link for more information about these stylish cosmetic bags great for the upcoming holidays. I know that this bag is great addition to my travel accessories.

Hope that you have enjoyed us sharing our ideas for the holiday and hope you look forward to the wonderful giveaways we will be hosting throughout the holidays. We have already started creating our guide for the Christmas Season!