Excited to Enjoy Very Hungry Caterpillar Day! Giveaway Ends March 27th, 2017 #VHPDay

Chelsea and I just love this story. This book is definitely a classic and a favorite in our household. We really enjoy cuddling up and reading this book. Today is Very Hungry Caterpillar Day! We are planning on spending the evening at the park for a bit to enjoy the outdoors and hoping to find a few caterpillars during our adventure.  What a way to start enjoying this spring weather. I know lately the weather can’t make up its mind whether it should be really hot, decent or really cold. This past weekend it was a bit warm and I heard by Wednesday we will be back to the high 60’s here.

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Cleaning Our Home With WISP System! #HouseCleaning #WISP #Sweeping

I am almost on the look out for a better broom as for some reason the dust bunnies just love staying near the edges of the walls. We have a hard time getting everything picked up also have issues with the basic dust pans that are available at the local stores. When I opened up our Wisp Broom System I was just amazed that it is compact and easy to store. I love that the dust pan has a little lip on it so that the dust does not just slide back out onto the floor. My daughter Chelsea just loves helping me with the dust pan so that feature is just perfect for our household.  Continue reading

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Great Gift Ideas for Baby Showers: Nuk Baby Bottles and Breast Feeding Kit! #BabyShowerGiftIdea #NUK #Spring #Breastfeeding #BottleFeeding

I always feel that giving baby bottle sets as a gift for baby showers are a big hit. I feel that it really helps new moms out so that they have some bottles to start out with when their new baby arrives. I know there are many moms that want to try to breast feed. I was one of those moms that tried to breast feed my daughter but I just could not manage to get her to latch properly. I am going to try again when I have my next little one. I am hoping that will be sometime in the next year or two. I really want another sweet little one.  Continue reading

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Readers Circle With Chelsea: Uh Oh Bunny & No No Bunny! Giveaway Ends March 21st, 2017 #BookTour #Giveaways #LittleBunnyTour #WorthyKidsIdealsst


These books came at the perfect time these lessons are ones we are actually dealing with in our household at this very moment. These are the perfect kind of books to help with teaching young children their manners and how to act like respectable children. We feel that these are great books for toddlers and preschoolers. Continue reading

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Viki’s Granola: Recipe Challenge! #GranolaChallenge #Recipes #Parfait

17098266_1299417650153046_9159107115616529859_nChelsea and I just enjoy trying to make different creations so this Challenge was an absolute treat to participate in. This challenge was a lot of fun for us especially when we did our grocery shopping for the delicious ingredients.

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Fun Times with Crayola Color Wonder Activity Packs! #Crayola #ColorWonder #PawPatrol

Ideal for mess-free coloring wherever you are, Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go sets, allow kids to fully express themselves without making a mess. With its compact size and ability to snap shut, this kit lets kids get creative no matter where they are! Crayola Color Wonder On-The-Go titles draw inspiration from popular franchises and characters including Disney Princess, Shimmer and Shine, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. This product includes 15 mini coloring pages and 3 Color Wonder markers. Continue reading

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Creating Fun Memories With Chelsea: Our Second Visit to Seaquest Aquarium – Las Vegas

Chelsea and I really enjoy going on different outings each week. We mainly spend our time at home, the park, the malls, and at the aquarium. The reason this is only our second time going to the aquarium is because we haven’t been feeling well lately. It seems like we have been rotating who is not feeling at their best or the weather has not been the best so we haven’t been since we went back in the middle of January.  Continue reading

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Fun Gift Idea for Kids: HamiltonBuhl 3D Magic Pen! #GiftIdeas #Gifts #3DMagicPen

Take Your Creativity To the Next Level

Chelsea and I just enjoy creating different works of art. We love making different creations. We especially love when we are able to expand our creativity and learn how to make different forms of art. Being creative runs in our family just naturally and it is actually on both sides of my family, many people on my dad’s side of the family and even on my mom’s side. I feel that being creative also runs in my husbands family as well there has been many times where he actually spent time with me and made different projects. Those were many different fun days and memories.  Continue reading

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