Low Cost Stocking Stuffers!! #Swagbucks #SwapDotCom #HolidayShopping

Chelsea and I have been sharing about how Swagbucks is helping us with our groceries, Christmas shopping, entertainment budget, etc. Well now there is a deal with Swap(dot)com that you get 20SB per $1. Swap.com is a thrift store that you can buy Video Games, Toys, Clothing, etc at a great discount. Chelsea and I bought several Skylanders Characters, a few video games, an art set that is actually brand new, even one of the skylanders was brand new, and a cute puppy stuffed animal.  See below for details on how to save and get some great presents in the process. 

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December To Remember Blog Hop: Two Rivers Coffee Giveaway Ends 12/20/16 US ONLY #TheHoppingBloggers


Welcome to the December to Remember Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers!

Hosted By: Mama Smith’s and Women and Their Pretties

Co-Hosted By: Mystery Shopping Teacher & Everyday Life

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Readers Circle: Art Books for Kids! #Coloring #Art #Travel #ActivityBooks

We tend to get a lot of different books frequently and my favorite type of books are anything that has to with Arts and Crafts. I feel that these types of books are educational and relaxing. I feel that these are great for my daughter and I. Growing up my mom spent some time with us kids doing different art projects. Somethings that she knew how to create I never got the opportunity to learn how to make. I am happy that I got back in contact with my Aunts and Dad’s side the family 6 years ago because I learned that they also have a creative side. My Aunt Debbie, Aunt Esther, My Grandma, and Step Mom Denise all enjoy doing different creative projects even our cousin Cora. I feel that even though my mom isn’t here to help me learn that these books and the help of my family I will be able to enrich my daughter’s creative side and even my own. Continue reading

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Loving Life as Chelsea’s Mommy! #MommyDaughterTime #Blessed

Its really hard to believe that my baby is already 4 years old. I truly wish that I could reverse the time a bit so I can get more time with her. She is just growing up too quickly for me. It feels like yesterday she was just a little baby. She can be a handful at times and other times she is as sweet as can be. Yesterday I was trying on some different tops and she was saying “Mommy that is Stylish and you are beautiful”. Its so adorable when she is saying things like that. Continue reading

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Java Factory: Jingle Java Box Set Giveaway Ends 12/19/16 US ONLY

My husband and I love drinking coffee it is what gets us going each morning. It really helps us get a move on with our day. We love trying different flavors of coffee. I feel that the coffee has a great flavor. I love the Nutmeg and Hazelnut mix. I love that this coffee is not too strong. Continue reading

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Great Gifts for The Family: Clever Cutter! #2016HolidayGiftGuide #CleverCutter

I feel that some of the best gifts are ones that are meant for everyone in the family to use. I am learning to like to cook but I always look for products that are going to make it easier for me.  Clever Cutter is a pair of scissors with a cutting board attached to it. I feel that it is great for getting salad ready or dicing ingredients for a dish.  Continue reading

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Getting in The Holiday Spirit With Holiday Movies! #PBSKids #SkipRope

Chelsea really enjoy watching the holiday classics and especially the ones where it has her favorite characters from her favorite shows like Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, Kate & Mim Mim, Wild Kratts and even Ronald Dahl’s classic The BFG: Big Friendly Giant. I felt that these movie titles were very cute and my daughter really enjoyed watching them. We have actually watched all 4 of them at least 5 times already. They seem to be my daughter’s favorites at the moment.  Continue reading

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Favorite Time of Year: The Holidays! #HolidayTime #Memories

Growing up Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. I really love going to see the Christmas lights, decorating our Christmas tree, making Christmas cookies and having the time to spend with family. I always feel like my husband doesn’t have the same feelings about the holidays so sometimes its hard for me. I always like to make sure everyone has a lot of gifts under the tree.  Continue reading

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