Holiday Decor, Holiday Movies & Traditional Items


The holidays are a time to spend with your family and enjoy your time together. One thing my daughter and I love to is to decorate for the holidays. We especially love going to see the pretty lights in our neighborhood and our the city. We love driving around and looking for the pretty decor. Placing beautiful ornaments on our tree and beautiful flower planters around the house. We love the animated animals as well.

Surreal Planters

Holiday HorizontalBring the outdoors in this holiday season with Surreal Planters from Nature Innovations. These incredibly realistic planters are light and portable and make perfect holiday décor or gifts for you, family, or friends. Available in multiple sizes and in oak or birch texture, they offer all the beauty of real logs and are perfectly formed for planting. And they are durable, making them the gift that will keep on giving for years.

Best Holiday Stories: The Polar Express! 

0544580141The Polar Express 30th Anniversary Edition Available This Holiday Season! Thirty years ago, a mysterious train steamed up to a young boy’s front door, taking him on a trip he would never forget. The Polar Express first published in 1985, has been honored with Caldecott Medal, highest accolade in children’s books; inspired by dozens of seasonal train rides around the country; served as the theme for countless elementary school pagents; and perhaps most important of all, remains a steadfast reminder to readers young and old of the true magic of Christmas.

Natural Crafts Online – Etsy Store

63438_746398828788267_617745684741073172_nNatural Crafts Online has the most adorable handmade ornaments and table top decorations for the holidays. I just adore the different animals they make with all different types of items from pine-cones to sticks. They have rein-deer, owls, foxes, bears, mice, and a few others. I really love rein-deer and bears so pretty. Here are a few examples of ones that I received. We love these animals so much that we just had to share them this year as well as last year. Click on the link above to read more about them.

Pink Zebra Soaks & Woolies!  


I always love making my home smell like the holiday season especially making it smell like a fresh pine Christmas Tree. Pink Zebra has made that possible. You don’t need to have a real treat or a bulky candle. I love that pink zebra soaks can be used in many ways. They have infusers that you can mix and match your scents. They also have soak cards that you can use. Well this season they added something even better Woolies!! They are just so adorable and you just drop some of the soaks on their wool and they smell for a couple weeks before you need to put more. We had ours in my bedroom and you could smell the scent of the pine all the way in the kitchen there is a few rooms in between so you can imagine the distance.

2 Responses to Holiday Decor, Holiday Movies & Traditional Items

  1. Mary says:

    Polar Express is such a wonderful book!

  2. Angel Park says:

    I love the planter!

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