Gifts for Dads & Dads to Be

In the need of ideas of gifts for your father, grandfather, uncle or father figure you have come to the right place. I am going to be featuring items that I know my hubby as well as my dad would just love and adore. My dad and hubby are into fitness. My husband loves video games, riding his bike, listening to music and collecting hot wheels. My dad loves gardening, going for walks, camping, playing board or card games, looking for the best deals at yard sales or thrift shops and listening to music. I always see new air fresheners in my dads car and in my hubby’s car so I know they would just love this idea from Pink Zebra.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

10411018_856665264428289_5337284320213838080_nThese headphones are great. They are re-chargeable. Battery lasts about 4 hours call time and 72 hours idle time. You can hear everything very clearly. These are great for when you are on the go. My husband and dad always have something to do or somewhere to go. These definitely come in handy when my dad goes on his evening walks. My husband normally uses his when he is working out.

Vanilla Gift Cards (VISA Gift Cards)


These are great for just about anything it can be used at every retail location that VISA is accepted. Your father or grandfather may be saving up for a special treat whether its a new video game system or gardening supplies. I know for example with my husband he would either use it for more tools for work and a video game at game stop. My dad however would probably use it at home depot for gardening supplies or things to help fix up the backyard.


Pink Zebra Soaks (Car air fresheners)

soaks_banner_spread-2My hubby is almost always buying air fresheners for the car. These would be a money saver and he would love you for it. They come and in many different scents from floral to fruity or even new car. I know I will be getting my hubby Macho Man for his car.


Gift Baskets from


My dad and husband really enjoy cooking on the grill in the summer. Gourmet Gift Baskets offer amazing gift baskets for bar-barque enthusiasts as well as popcorn lovers, etc. There many baskets to choose from as well as a wide price range to fit any budget. Gift baskets are the way to go for a lot of different guys. I know that I have bought several different ones of these for my dad, grandpa and even my husband. Sometimes these have a bunch of different things that would make their day just so much brighter.  If you would like to see more of the different varieties click on the link above.



Check back as we will be adding more items to the list in the near future.