Sweet Treats for the Holidays!

We wanted to share so sweet treat ideas to include in your holiday traditions or for going to holiday parties. We will be adding more items frequently so keep on the look out.

The Mill Fudge Factory


Sometimes you are looking for a special something to get for the holiday party hosts or even your boss. Mill Fudge Factory is a great gift for just that purpose. Their fudge is so delicious and tastes so fresh. We really loved the tasted of the chocolate raspberry fudge and the maple nut. So delicious and hard to resist. If you would like to learn more click on the link above.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com SantaCookieCake

12186338_933749740053174_8546565894627177885_oLooking for something to take with you to those holiday parties? Look no further GourmetGiftBaskets.com has these lovely Santa Cookie Cakes to take with you to the parties you can even have it shipped directly there. These cookie cakes are just delicious. The cookie is a chocolate chip cookie with sweet frosting on top to make the cookie look just like Santa Claus.  If you would like to learn more click on the link above.

Diana’s Bananas: Banana Babies & Banana Bites

14902739_1169427346485411_1571148660347162259_oChelsea and I are always on the lookout for sweet treats that are healthier for us. We really snacking on fruit and occasionally crave some Chocolate so these are the best thing. We love that they have 4 different styles of these treats. There is the banana bites that are great for small snacks and there is also 3 different types of the banana Popsicle Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and even one with nuts on it. These are now an absolute favorite in our household. They are just delicious. I know that we will be buying more of these for sure. If you would like to purchase these click on the link above.

Malt Shop Cookies

img_2317We feel that these cookies would be a great gift choice. If you’re struggling to find something unique and personal for your parents, grandparents, or aunts and uncles, then Malt Shop Cookies are a blast from the past they’ll love.  Malt Shop Cookies have that fine and sweet finishing touch taste that only malted milk delivers. Each order will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep in a beautiful gift bag or gift tin that has been completely customized by you with a picture and message that’s right on The Gift bag or Gift Tin. Send photos of you, the kids, the dog, the cat –whatever you like. Then let the Malted Milk cookies do the rest. Malt Shop Cookies are currently available in three unique flavors: Double Chocolate with Malted Milk,  Chocolate Chip with Malted Milk, & Mocha Chocolate with Malted Milk.