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Readers Circle With Chelsea: Uh Oh Bunny & No No Bunny! Giveaway Ends March 21st, 2017

Oddball DVD Giveaway Ending March 18th, 2017

Founding Fathers Coffee Giveaway Ends 3/11/17!



Relaxing with Amrita Sen Coloring Books! 3 Winners Giveaway Ends 12/22/16 US ONLY

December To Remember Blog Hop: Two Rivers Coffee Giveaway Ends 12/20/16 US ONLY #TheHoppingBloggers

Java Factory: Jingle Java Box Set Giveaway Ends 12/19/16 US ONLY

Sweet Gifts for Girls: TownleyGirl Beauty Sets Review & Giveaway Ends 12/18/16 US ONLY

Win It Wednesday: $20 Shutterfly Gift Cards! #WinItWednesday #2016HolidayGiftGuide Giveaway Ends 12/10/16

Happy Holidays from Christmas Forest: Holiday Wreath Giveaway Ends 12/03 #ChristmasForest #HolidayGiveaway #HolidayDecor #2016HolidayGiftGuide

Giveaway & Healthy Snack Options w/ Crispy Green Ends November 30! USA ONLY #CrispyGreens

Giving Thanks Hop: Bunnies By The Bay Gift Basket! Ends 11/29/16 #TheHoppingBloggers #Giveaway

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: #CarpetOne Rugs! Giveaway Ends 11/25 #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #Giveaway


Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Goody Winter Collection Hair Accessories Giveaway Ends 12/21

Luv’s Momoji Giveaway $100 Amex Card & Luvs Diapers Giveaway Ends 12/16

Cheers To The Holidays: Rosey’s Gift Guide Giveaway (7 Winners) Ends 12/15

Twas The Hop Before Christmas: Guardian Technologies Humidifier Giveaway Ends 12/15

12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway Ends 12/13

Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse Giveaway Ends 12/13  – Heather W.

Holiday Favorite for Coffee Lovers: Two Rivers Coffee Gift Sets Giveaway Ends 12/10 – Linda J.

My Way To Relax: Adult Coloring Books Giveaway Ends 11/29 – Elizabeth

Toddler Favorites: Baby Amaze Giveaway Ends 11/15 – Jennifer S.

Modern Table Meals Giveaway Ends 10/17 (5 Winners) – Shakeia, Charlene, William, Marnie, & Chelsea

$10 Gift Card Giveaway Ends 10/10 – Marnie

$5000 Giveaway by Kids In Need Foundation Ends 8/12

2 1-Day Redbox Rentals Giveaway (5 Winners) Ends 8/1

Mommy & Me Blog Hop: Mommy & Baby Giftset ($95 Value) Ends 7/30

Winning Moves Games Giveaway Ends 7/26

Undercover Mama Nursing Tank Giveaway Ends 7/16

TuneOfJune and Amazon Gift Card ($35 ARV) Ends 7/1

Worryless by Dermaflage Giveaway Ends 6/29

Miniscule: Valley of The Lost Ants Giveaway Ends 6/25

Idiot’s Guide Books Giveaway FIVE (5) Winners Ends 6/22

Flash Giveaway $10 Amazon Gift Card Ends 6/21

Brush Buddies: 2 Toothbrushes Giveaway Ends 6/16

Renuzit: Pearls Scent Collection Giveaway Ends 6/14

Distinctive Asset Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway Ends 5/31 ($915 ARV)

Sporty J Infusion Water Bottle Giveaway Ends 5/31

Chipp’d Video Greeting Card FLASH Giveaway Ends 5/26

May The Luck Be With You – $20 AMAZON Gift Card Giveaway Ends 5/25

Dial Baby Body Wash or Dial Kids Hand Soap Coupon (1 Winner) Ends 5/23

LightHeaded Beds Giveaway Ends 5/17

Purex Crystals Scent Splash – Giveaway Ends 5/16

Family Game Night GiftGuide Giveaway – Winning Moves Fish Fish Squish & Connect Four Twist Giveaway Ends 5/9

Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Giveaway Ends 5/7

Chipp’d Personalized Mother’s Day Cards (3 Winners) Ends 5/4

Dial Sugar Cane Hand Soap Giveaway Ends 5/3

Spring Giveaway: Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles, Zack & Quack & Guess How Much I Love You Ends 4/24

Mumberry Activewear Maternity Clothes Giveaway Ends 4/20

Hippity Hop Giveaway: BBC 3D Blu-Ray Movies (Wings 3D, Planet Dinosaur, and Little Giants) Ends 4/20 

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Coupon Giveaway Ends 4/17

Hop To The Music Easter Giveaway – Disney Music Group Ends 3/31

Flash Giveaway: The Beatrix Girls VIP Passes (2 Winners) Ends 3/24

Luck of The Irish Blog Hop – Thirty One Gifts Baubles and Bracelet Case Ends 3/24

Purex Powershot Giveaway (1 Winner) – Ends 3/7

Neater Feeder Giveaway Ends 3/7 James

Sweet Nothings Blog Hop – Pillowgram Giveaway Ends 2/26

Beatrix Girls February Giveaway Ends 2/22 – Tessa

Tuggo Toys – Dog Toys Giveaway Ends 2/21 – Amanda

$200 Lush Decor Gift Card Giveaway Ends 2/14 – Elena

Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa Giveaway Ends 2/4 – Susan


Peppa Pig Christmas & Bubbles Giveaway Ends 12/23 – Jennifer C.

Worlds Best Cream Giveaway Ends 12/21 – Bethany F.

Defined Strength Crossfit Jump Rope Giveaway Ends 12/21 – Maria W.

Motto’s Flip Flops Giveaway Ends 12/21 – Heather

Zims USA GiftSet Giveaway Ends 12/20 – Maria W.

Future PaceTech Insulated Water Bottle Giveaway Ends 12/20 – Jennifer P.

Two Rivers Coffee’s Mega Sampler Pack Review & Giveaway Ends 12/19 – Trish Giftset Giveaway Ends 12/15 – Jennifer C

Hoodsbee Jacket Giveaway Ends 12/15 – Maria W

Home Spa Review & Giveaway Ends 12/14 – Jennifer H.

Twas The Night Before Christmas Giveaway Hop – Splash Cards Gift Pack by Winning Moves Games USA – Giveaway Ends 12/10    – Lana

Thermal Aid Zoo Review & Giveaway Ends 12/10  – Sarah

Best Holiday Ever Giveaway Hop – Support A Sponsor – Happy Tale Publishing Giveaway Ends 12/9   –  Arielle & Lula

Dreft Stain Remover To Go Giveaway Ends 12/7  – Trish D.

Big Slice Apples Review & Giveaway Ends 12/7 – Laurie M.

Kandoo Wipes & Hand Soap Review & Giveaway Ends 12/7 Maria W.

Boogie Wipes Gift Pack Giveaway – Ends 12/2 – Maria W.

Soothie Suckers Review & Giveaway Ends 12/1 – Bethany F.

Kidz Bop Giveaway to Kickoff Chelsea’s Mommy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Ends 11/30 – Bethany F.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Gift Pack – Ends 11/29 – CarolAnn

Thankful For Giveaways Giveaway Hop – Sealife by Popar Giveaway (US ONLY $20 ARV) ends 11/26 –  Claire R.

Baby Banana Brush Giveaway Ends 11/23 – Maria W.

 Flatten Me Personalized Book – Ends 11/10 – Maria W.

John Paul Pet Doggie Spa Day Giftset – Ends 10/31 – Rachel G.

Frozen Necklace and Hairbow Set by Simply Unique Bowtique – Ends 10/29 – Lauren O.

Nancy Drew Labyrinth of Lies – Ends 10/26 – Ashley C.

(1) FREE Purex Aromatherapy Coupon – Ends 10/26 – Cheryl F.

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