Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Guide

In the need of ideas of gifts for your father, grandfather, uncle or father figure you have come to the right place. I am going to be featuring items that I know my hubby as well as my dad would just love and adore. My dad and hubby are into fitness. My husband loves video games, riding his bike, listening to music and collecting hot wheels. My dad loves gardening, going for walks, camping, playing board or card games, looking for the best deals at yard sales or thrift shops and listening to music. I always see new air fresheners in my dads car and in my hubby’s car so I know they would just love this idea from Pink Zebra.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
These headphones are great. They are re-chargeable. Battery lasts about 4 hours call time and 72 hours idle time. You can hear everything very clearly.

Fitbug Orb and Kiqplan Application for Smartphones
This is great for fitness lovers and people that are new to the fitness tracking scene. It tracks your steps as well as your sleeping habits. You can wear it as a bracelet or even clip it to your pants if you wanted. Kiqplan is a weight loss subscription plan that you can get as a gift card. The weight loss plan is 12 weeks long and is a smartphone application that syncs with Fitbug.

618_348_fitbug-kiqplan-best-of-ces-unveiled index

Vanilla Gift Cards (VISA Gift Cards) – These are great for just about anything it can be used at every retail location that VISA is accepted. Your father or grandfather may be saving up for a special treat whether its a new video game system or gardening supplies. I know for example with my husband he would either use it for more tools for work and a video game at game stop. My dad however would probably use it at home depot for gardening supplies or things to help fix up the backyard.


Pink Zebra Soaks (Car air fresheners)
My hubby is almost always buying air fresheners for the car. These would be a money saver and he would love you for it. They come and in many different scents from floral to fruity or even new car. I know I will be getting my hubby Macho Man for his car.


Idiots Guides –  with more than 400 titles in 30 categories, the IDIOT’S GUIDES reference series is the perfect Father’s Day gift. I know my dad would love the one about Gardening and My husband would love slow cooking recipes. Another great one I saw was a pregnancy guide for Dads to Be.  Giveaway Coming Soon…We will have 5 winners with the choice of one of these 3 books.

IG Slow Cooker Cooking Cover IG Pregnancy for Dads Cover IG Small Space Gardening Cover

Gift Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com – My dad and husband really enjoy cooking on the grill in the summer. Gourmet Gift Baskets offer amazing gift baskets for bar-barque enthusiasts as well as popcorn lovers, etc. There many baskets to choose from as well as a wide price range to fit any budget.


Star Wars T-Shirts from JcPenney’s – It’s perfect for the Star Wars-loving, chef-master dad or super dads in general, and also fun given all the excitement about the new Star Wars film coming out this December.



23 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Guide

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  4. This is a great gift guide for dads!! Thanks!

  5. Betty Bite says:

    These are all great ideas!! My father is so hard to buy for and I never thought about the idiots guides..he would get a kick out of some of those.

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  7. Wendy Caddy says:

    Love the Idiot Guides idea.

  8. mdotdrizzi says:

    My boyfriend is always buying air fresheners for his car as well. It must be a guy thing because I’m pretty sure I have never purchased a single one in my life. Lol.

  9. Jessica says:

    These are some good ideas! I think fathers day is so hard when it comes to buying gifts!

  10. BerkeleyHapa says:

    Some good ideas here! My husband just got noise-cancelling wireless headphones for his commute!

  11. Marnie G (Derrick Todd) says:

    Great ideas! I really like the Pink Zebra Soaks for the car. Sometimes a man’s car can get pretty funky.

  12. Julie Waldron says:

    These are great gift ideas, my girls got my husband DVDs.

  13. Miranda Welle says:

    Great ideas! Love the variety.

  14. rachel cartucci says:

    Great gift ideas. I would just give my husband a gift card…he doesn’t like anything….the old grouch. ha!

  15. Danielle G says:

    Do you add items to this list as well like you do the baby shower gift guide? These are fun ideas!!

  16. alisonloves says:

    Thanks for giving some ideas. My dad is always so hard to shop for and my grandpa too. They both always say they don’t need anything, but that just makes it difficult to think of a good gift.

  17. Sarh S says:

    I think the GourmetGiftBasket would be the best gift, but that tshirt with the apron on it is pretty funny too!

  18. Helen says:

    these would be great gift ideas for any time. I will definitely use them in the future

  19. David says:

    I think anything grill-related is a can’t lose gift. I also like giving home improvement store gift cards because everyone has projects they need to tackle.

  20. Laura says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! My husband likes headphones and grilling items!

  21. rochelle haynes says:

    Great idea thanks for the infi

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