Best of The Season Toys

I will be sharing my ideas of the best of the season toys. These toys will be for a variety of ages.

Best of The Season Toys

Laser Pegs

MPS-helicopter-boxI have always been a big fan of toys that allow your imagination to go wild. This little set does just that. They can even be used with other building blocks sets. This set has all the pieces needed to make a helicopter. Chelsea and I made a little air plane with it. Its pretty neat that on top of being something for us to create. The Laser Pegs allow it to light up. There are 2 pieces that light up and then hooks up to the power pack. It allows them to shine brightly and then there is one part that makes it blink. We really like when it blinks. If you would like to learn more or purchase these click on the above link.

Uncle Milton Disney’s Frozen Themed Toys 


These fun items will be great for the holidays. I know Chelsea really enjoyed designing her Light Up Sign. You are provided several stickers to decorate and personalize your sign to your taste. Chelsea put snowflakes all over hers. This is a fun activity to do as a family. Then decorate their room at the same time. The Snowball Projector is so neat. It really is peaceful watching the snowflakes on the ceiling. It is a great way to get my daughter to settle down for bedtime. If you would like to learn more about these products click on the link above.

 18″ Talking Tom a Hammacher Schlemmer Exclusive!

434819-2412aTalking Tom has always been one of Chelsea’s favorite apps on my phone and my tablet. She is constantly making him talk and fall over. Now she doesn’t need my phone or tablet to play with her buddy Talking Tom. Thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer…. she now is able to hold him and play with him all day long. He is as cuddly as can be. There is a sensor on his head and stomach that he makes noises whenever you touch those areas. By pressing on his hand turns on his microphone so he can hear and repeat what you tell him to say. This toy definitely has Chelsea laughing non-stop. He just brightens up the room and makes her smile from ear to ear. Click on the link above for more information about this product.

Budsies: Personalized Toys Every Kid Will Love!

logo12132639_924408590987289_179625811398897154_oI have always been a big fan of personalized gifts and I would say this is by far my favorite for the little ones. I know most kids at one point like to draw pictures and there may be a point in time where they want that creation to last forever well now they can. All you need to do is send in a copy of your childs drawing or creation. Budsies will then turn that drawling or photograph into a stuffed animal that they can snuggle up with.  Each Budsies is handmade and made to match the drawings that Children send to them. So each Budsies is in a sense unique there is not one a like. Click on the above link for more information about these sweet gifts.

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