Gift Ideas for The Stockings

I always love filling up the stockings with a bunch of different goodies instead of just candy. We have several ideas up our sleeves to share with you so I hope that you enjoy each and every one of them.  Keep in mind that the ideas listed on this page may be for adults and for the kids.

Kids Bop 33

kidz-bop-33-kidz-bop-club-39902267-1000-1000CD’s are great for the stocking I know that when I was growing up. I really enjoyed getting CD’s in my stocking. These are perfect for traveling. So when we get kids CD’s I tend to have my daughter listen to them in the car.  I love that these are all of the popular songs but mild out so that they are kid friendly. Chelsea really enjoys listening to music and dancing along to the beats. I know that she gets that from her daddy and from me. We really enjoy music. My husband loves a little bit of different music than Chelsea and I.  We definitely feel that this would be a great choice for a gift. These are available wherever CDS are sold such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy & Toys R US.

Chapstick Holiday Collection

CS_PumpkinPie_Stick_1-10I really am enjoying the holiday flavors that are available this year the flavors that we got to try which are candy cane, pumpkin pie and sugar cookie flavored. I went out and bought some more of these already as I liked them so much. Candy Cane, Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin Pie is available at Walmart as well as other stores.  Chelsea really enjoyed the Sugar Cookie chapstick. I know that I will be sharing these Chapsticks with my friends and family this year.

7th Heaven Face Masks

_35A single-use .5 oz cache masque that brightens and rejuvenates dull skin.  It’s bursting with natural resurfacing ingredients, including dead sea salt, grated orange peel and ground black lava, which sweeps away dead skin cells, revs up circulation and refreshes – all with the uplifting aroma of natural orange oil.  $1.99 at Walmart! I definitely feel that these are great gift ideas for gift baskets and the stocking. They will make any mom, pre-teen or teens eyes sparkle!

Books by Ulyesses Press

dsc_1267101 Fun Personality Quizzes: Who Are You …, Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards: 20 Hand-Drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation, The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes: 1,001+ Punny Jokes Your Pops Will Love Telling Over and Over and Over…, A Rainbow of Smoothie Bowls: 100 Wholesome and Vibrant Blended Creations, DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture and Decor: Creative Projects for Every Room of Your Home and Good Job, Brain!: Trivia, Quizzes and More Fun From the Popular Pub Quiz Podcast. We love books that promote us to think about different things. I have always been fond of books that teach me new recipes, jokes, allows me to quiz myself, and much more.

Shed Rain Umbrella

mini-macys-exclusive-umbrellaShedRain offers the perfect stocking stuffer for the stormy seasons coming up. I know that I could of used this the other day. I love that it is compact and can fit in my purse if need be. Sometimes the best gifts are the necessities.  The ShedRain Holiday Edition Mini Umbrella (available exclusively at Macy’s).  Featured in a brightly colored, open display gift box, this compact umbrella is just the right fit for easy gift-giving.  The Mini makes a big statement in a fashion-forward, colorful, Pop Dot print or classic black and folds up easily to a compact six inches.  The steel shaft and ribs make it both strong and reliable against even the soggiest weather.

Emojiez Toys

dsc_1278I know now a days collecting different little things like these is what is trending. My daughter is enjoying the different characters! We love that there are so many characters to collect and feel that these are great stocking stuffers for everyone. There are many different options to choose from such as plushies, key chains, erasers, stickers, slap bracelets, and mini figures. These are great for all ages. I definitely feel that these would be a great choice for the stockings. If you would like to purchase these click on the link above.

Sticker Beans

img_2300My daughter just loves stickers. I feel that these are great for sticking in her stocking. They are in-expense and you can find different stickers that will match your child’s personality.  We love that these are very sparkly. They are also bright and cheery. These are available at many different retailers.

BabyTime Baby Powder

indexThe first ever body powder to soak up extra moisture while supporting the skin’s natural probiotic ecosystem. Talc-free non-irritating absorbent powder for diaper area, under arms and chin. Great for parents too Enriched with sweet wild rose and probiotics for a super soft touch and delectable smell. My daughter and I just love the scent of this powder. We love that it works for sensitive skin very well. We also love that you can open this partially so that too much doesn’t come out. We feel that this is a great stocking stuffer for little ones that it can be used year round. If you would like to purchase this item click on the link above