Gift Guide Submissions

Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life is now accepting Gift Guide product submissions!

 How your product is promoted:
1. A picture of the product within the gift guide linking to your purchasing choice
2. Product review post is promoted once on all social media outlets
3. Gift guide is promoted 3-5 per week on all social media outlets.
4. Review item will be promoted during guide period as well as throughout the rest of the year.
Product Requirements:
I do not charge to review the product or for gift guide placement.  I do require a $50 minimum in product received as compensation, if the product isn’t worth $50 then multiple products to make the total equal $50 or more. Full Size Products only.
If you would like to include a giveaway in your review post, sponsored giveaway preferred (you must ship to winner).  Giveaways are promoted 3-5 times per week and run for 14-30 days.  Please contact me with specific entry requirements you’d like.
Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss working together!
Nicholle C. (subject: Gift Guide)
You can also view my contact page for more info here

Guides and Round Ups we are currently working on:

Products we accept for Christmas Gift Guide:
Jewelry, Makeup, Personalized Gifts, Toys, Games, Electronics, Men’s Products, Kitchen Items, Christmas Decorations, Baby Items,  Subscription Boxes, Children’s Clothing, Pet Supplies (Dogs only),
Last Day for Christmas Gift Guide Submission:
December 2nd, 2017
Must receive items by December 9th, 2017
Products we accept for Reader’s Circle (Book Reviews):
Cookbooks, How To Craft Books, Children’s Books (Preschool Aged and Toddler Aged), Children’s Coloring and Activity Books, Adult’s Coloring and Activity Books
Last Day for Monthly Readers Circle:
Each month by the 12th
Must receive items by the 20th


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