Local & Independent Sellers and Stores

We would love to share about some local and independent sellers that we truly back as we feel that they provide great customer service and offer quality products. I love how each of these people package each item with care.

Pink Zebra Sprinkles & Soaks

pink-zebra-sprinklesI think that these products are the perfect gift for just about every occasion! I love that you are able to mix scents to make your own recipes. That is really got me interested in thinking about trying these. I had tried other “wax melts” before but nothing like these. I just love the scents I chose to try Cranberry Shortbread Cookie, Amaretto Creme and Orange Dreamsicle. Oh my Orange Dreamsicle really does smell just like the popsicle. Yummy! If you would like to learn more about these products click on the link above.

Perfectly Posh: Best Spa Products

logoPerfectly posh products are all about pampering. All of their products are under $25 and well worth it. My favorites are the cuticle cutie and the honey honey healing hand cream. My daughter really likes the foot fizzies so that she can enjoy spa time just as much as me. They are made in the USA  with natural ingredients and no fillers. For anyone looking to avoid animal ingredients, we offer a wide variety of vegan products.
Their vegan options still contain all natural, high quality ingredients for the best pampering experience. If you want to learn more about them click on the photo for more information.

Colorado Baby 


Colorado Baby is one of our favorite online shops for baby items. I love learning about new products and especially ones that eco-friendly. I love that many of the products available at this store are USA Made and even several are made right in Colorado. This is the only Clothing Diapering Store in Grand Junction, CO. We learned about this store when one of our Fellow bloggers share an event from this store. Not only is this a store but they also have several classes for Parents. They also have a program called #SnagTheBag it happens a few times a year and let me just say it is fun. If you love mystery bags you will love these. The last round of bags were: Diaper Bags, Baby Gear Bags, and Toddler Gear Bags. If you want learn more about this store click on the link above.

Bunnies by The Bay 

14882342_1167576933337119_8199512445839023749_oThey offer many different products from cute little gift sets, adorable plush stuffed animals, blankies, personalized blankies, and much more. Chelsea and I just adore their many different products. Chelsea and I have been loyal customers of this company since we first introduced to them last year. We have already started sharing some of their products with family members of ours. These are packed with care. I just adore the little box that these sweet gift sets come in. I feel that these gifts are great for mommies to be, infants, toddlers and even preschoolers. I know that my 4 year old really loves hers.