Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

We really loving finding the best ideas for families with new little one or even for the little ones that are on the way. We have a few little ones on the way in our family as well as ones with our friends. We know that they will truly enjoy these gifts and we feel that you will too.


image013Petite Namaste products are hand block printed in 100% cotton fabrics. Hand block printing is an ancient technique where skilled craftsmen use carved blocks to stamp the fabric by hand. The process is lengthy and complex making each piece unique and special. Small spots and imperfections can occur from the printing process. These are not faults, instead they are reminders that each piece is handmade and no two pieces are alike. The blocks are made of seasoned teak wood. When the blocks are perfectly smooth and flat the design is traced onto the wood. The design is hand carved by a skilled artisan. A separate block is needed for each color of the design. Chelsea and I just adore the blanket that we picked out. I feel that it is a great gift idea for the crib or even for lounging with your little one. Its a light blanket so no need to worry about getting too hot under the blanket. If you would like to purchase any of their products click on the link above.


image009-2Sozo offers many different products such as play mats for the toddlers and infants to lay or play on. They are so soft and comfortable. I just love how they feel. We were able to try out a lady bug playmat and already Chelsea has fallen asleep on it because it is so comfortable. These towels for the little ones are just so adorable. Sometimes practical gifts are the best thing. SOZO is a whole new world of kid stuff with style! Why SOZO? It’s a Japanese word that means creation and imagination. SOZO provide stylish and whimsical fashions and other products for your very cool kids! They have everything from playwear, to fun and whimsical onesies, to gift sets, to hooded towels and blankets and playmats and weeblocks! If you would like to check out the many gift options available click on the above link.

Bunnies by The Bay 

14882342_1167576933337119_8199512445839023749_oThey offer many different products from cute little gift sets, adorable plush stuffed animals, blankies, personalized blankies, and much more. Chelsea and I just adore their many different products. Chelsea and I have been loyal customers of this company since we first introduced to them last year. We have already started sharing some of their products with family members of ours. These are packed with care. I just adore the little box that these sweet gift sets come in. I feel that these gifts are great for mommies to be, infants, toddlers and even preschoolers. I know that my 4 year old really loves hers. If you would like to purchase from this store click on the link above.

BabyTime Baby Powder

indexThe first ever body powder to soak up extra moisture while supporting the skin’s natural probiotic ecosystem. Talc-free non-irritating absorbent powder for diaper area, under arms and chin. Great for parents too Enriched with sweet wild rose and probiotics for a super soft touch and delectable smell. My daughter and I just love the scent of this powder. We love that it works for sensitive skin very well. We also love that you can open this partially so that too much doesn’t come out. We feel that this is a great stocking stuffer for little ones that it can be used year round. If you would like to purchase this item click on the link above.