2017 Mothers Day Gift Guide

mothersdayMother’s Day is a day to show how much you appreciate your Mom did for you. Some people don’t necessarily have their Mother you may be thanking an Aunt that takes great care of you or even a close friend that treats you like their child.

My mom passed away almost 13 years ago so this day is hard not having her around. For years my grandparents took care of my sister and I after our mom passed away. My sister Clarissa was 7 years old when she died, Caralynn was 15 and I had just turned 18 years old.  I wish that my mom was around to see my little girl growing up. I show Chelsea pictures of my mom each and every day.

I now have my Step-Mom Denise who to me truly doesn’t feel like a step mom just someone that was there at the right moment and feels like I am really just one of her own children. When I got pregnant with my daughter Chelsea she was right there every step of the way. I am glad to have her and my dad in my life. They come and visit us just about every month. I love having her in my life and feel that it is a blessing.

I got my grandma back into my life about 6 years ago so I love being able to show her how much I appreciate having her in my life. She just turned 93 years old on April 9th. I am glad that I have my grandma in my life as well. For a long time I didn’t really have any contact with her. I truly enjoy every moment I get to spend with her. Its hard that she lives in a different state then I am in. So I don’t get to see her that often. I only get to see her a few times throughout the year.

I wanted to share with you some great gift ideas for Mothers and Grandmothers. I personally love personalized gifts or spa treatment type gifts. I think that gift baskets are a lot of fun as well.

I am now enjoying being a mother to my sweet 4 year old. She is my everything. I am glad to have her in my life. I love watching her grow up. She has her little moments when she thinks she can get away with everything. Then there are moments when she is as helpful as can be.

Here are several ideas we have for Mother’s Day:

Sweet Gift Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com

18237952_1360888170672660_23596365896307604_oI really enjoy the different boxes that are available from GourmetGiftBaskets.com. There are many to choose from. One of the top online gift giving sites has just released several new items to truly delight any mom or grandma — from those who became moms (or grandmas) for the first time over the past year to those who have been mothering kids for more than 75 years! 18237778_1361715740589903_2275974988616844772_oThey have many different price ranges so that it can fit any budget and for any occasion. We just love the different gift baskets that they have available to choose from. Every holiday they announce new baskets and gift sets. I really love their spa gift basket as well as the golf lovers gift basket for women. It has a bunch a different snack bags and it comes with a beautiful insulated golf bag.


Pink Zebra Sprinkles & Warmer from www.smellsprinkles.com


Pink Zebra LogoThese Pink Zebra Sprinkles come from Erin Hughes, Consultant! She is really informative and tells you which scents are the best to try. I really was drawn to her website as it is very organized. You can easily find what you are looking for. The ordering process is great! I have already placed my first order! Love this stuff. pink-zebra-sprinklesI love that you are able to mix scents to make your own recipes. That is really got me interested in thinking about trying these. I had tried other “wax melts” before but nothing like these. I am constantly sharing about these with my friends and family. I love that these can be used as wax melts or as just a little scent bag that can be placed on your desk or anywhere. I currently have 3 different scent mixes sitting in my office. I keep the stress relief one at my desk just getting a whiff of that scent makes me start feeling better about the day. I also have a mix that I have created Mango, Pear and Island Coconut it just makes the area smell nice.

  Sweet Gift Ideas from Teesprings.com

Teespring is a really cool platform that allows anyone to become their own entrepreneur and design and sell their own products. Millions of people are using Teespring to turn their ideas into high quality products, and everything you see on the site and below has been designed by individuals! They offer many different products for T-Shirts to Tote Bags. Each of them with many cute different sayings that will make any mom or grandma smile from ear to ear.

Grandmother’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild

I love books like these because you get to learn so much about your relatives and see how much you truly have in common with them. I love learning about experiences that my other family members went through.

unnamed.pngHad you ever thought about what your grandmother was like when she was your age? What she looked like on the first day of school? What did she do when she was a teenager? This keepsake memory book is designed to capture and preserve grandmother’s unique memories, from the days of her own childhood through to how she enjoys spending her time with her grandchildren now. Each page includes thoughtful prompts to inspire grandma to record her most meaningful memories, plus plenty of space for including memorabilia and photographs!

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Hand Soaps and Bars of Soap from Reverie Farms

reverie-farms-logoI feel that a great gift is always something that you would use on a daily basis. I love to get my soaps from small businesses whenever I get a chance to. I especially love the fact that they are handmade and just smell divine. Family run business Reverie Farms has launched its latest fresh and aromatic scents of organic soap just in time for Mother’s Day, putting an end to traipsing around the mall in search of that all-important present that says ‘thank you’.  Bar-Soap-Collage-600x321With a natural, organic ethos, Reverie Farms has the ideal product range for beauty conscious moms across the country. The huge collection of delicious smelling soaps are kind to skin, thanks to being free from harsh chemicals. With popular fragrances including Citrus Lavender for a bold, refreshing aroma and fresh Cleansing Lemon that’s excellent for washing away dirt, there’s a scent to suit every mother. Reverie Farms is a local, family farm in Argyle, Texas, that sells natural organic soaps and products including foaming hand soap, bar soap, sugar scrub, and homemade laundry detergent. With a focus on simplicity and natural products, their free from artificial substance and vegan friendly products have gained a legion of loyal fans since selling their unique range online.

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Keep checking back for more ideas.