Family Vacation Time: Aquarium of The Pacific! #FamilyVacation #Aquarium

Chelsea and I just love looking and taking care of animals. We really love that we were able to take part in this family vacation. I love that this place was new to not only Chelsea but to me as well. I had never been to this Aquarium. It was so much fun seeing the different types of fish and even birds they had there. Chelsea and I really loved looking at the eel, seahorses, jelly fish and even the sea lions.  Chelsea loved playing with the sea lion. She thought it was funny how the sea lion would play with my sister Christina’s Chapstick and her pack of Kleenex. 

This was such a great experience. It was great going as a family to this aquarium. I just was missing one of my siblings and it would of been all of us. I got to spend time with my siblings that I don’t normally get to. Chelsea really enjoyed spending time with her little cousin Rayna. She really thought it was great being with her.  Chelsea and I got to experience things that we normally would not. I had never touched a starfish, sea cucumber or even a Jelly fish. Now I can say that I have experienced that.

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