Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Birthday Vacation! #Disneyland #UniversalStudios

My hubby planned a surprise vacation for us for my birthday and for Chelsea. We got up on the day of my birthday to do some family adventure together we mainly just knew that we had to pack for the weekend as we would not be back until Sunday night. We got the sweetest surprise birthday trip. We were heading to the hotel where we had stayed at the last time we went to Disneyland.

39441100_1873456336082505_2183116126911725568_oWe loved that this trip we were able to check out everything and really enjoy each ride or show to the max. I saw several items that I had not seen before even though I had just been at the parks seven months ago. We saw that the added new animals on the train path. Since this trip was more relaxed we were able to even enjoy some time seeing the local wild life. 39409627_1873446356083503_7130883018423533568_oThere are ducks that roam the park. Chelsea and I were able to feed a couple of them and interact with them. We really enjoyed that. This time we tried to pick places to eat that we had not been to before so that we would be able to try things different. When we buy our tickets for Disneyland we always will purchase the tickets with a gift card and the remaining balance will be our food budget and souvenir budget. It was nice being able to sit and relax to watch the parade this time. We stayed at the park until closing time and made sure we made the best of it.

The park closed earlier this time than it did last time so we were able to get to the hotel at an earlier time to get settled in for the night. We had a room in the main building of the hotel which was great. It was very relaxing. I felt that this room was much better than the last room that we had this hotel. I definitely will be staying at them again when we go to Disneyland again. We are going to wait a couple years to go again since Stars Wars land is still in mid-construction and there has been plans of other updates as well.

I absolutely love when we go on family adventures together. It is always fun when its just the three of us. 39392466_1873448872749918_6231636893797187584_nOmar shows us things we may have never seen before while we are driving around and well I do the same for him. I tell him stories of when I used to live in Southern California. Chelsea and I really loved being able to have some family time together. Even if it is just spending the evening at home watching a movie.

On our second day of  our family vacation. 39467110_1874906472604158_4659053232755048448_oWe went to Universal Studios. I had not been over there is about 10 years so It was a new experience for me as well. There was so much to see but we really were only able to get onto five different rides or exhibits. We really wish that we were able to get into the park when they first opened up. Since we were meeting family there the day seemed like it was halfway gone when we were able to finally set foot into the park.

Pretty much all of the rides that I had been on before had been changed or updated since the last time I had been there. 39468276_1875605372534268_2785065796424957952_oChelsea really enjoyed meeting the characters from Despicable Me. 39558037_1875606599200812_7858476836580229120_nI really enjoyed going in the Harry Potter section though I wish we were able to go onto those rides. We have seasons passes so we will be able to enjoy the rides that we missed this time.  I loved that we were able to try different items that we kept hearing about from our favorite vloggers like the butter beer and even the pumpkin juice. My favorite was the pumpkin juice. I felt that it was absolutely delicious. I will definitely be getting that again. I loved that this part of the trip was spent with our family. We really got to enjoy spending time together since we don’t see each other much. They ended up getting annual passes so we will be able to go to the park again with them.

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