Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: San Francisco Family Visit! #Families #Reunited

This has been a crazy a few months. Back in May we had to have our family take care of our sweet Chihuahua LTeeny. It was hard for us to have to be so far away from her for so long. We were really only expecting to be apart for a month. That month turned into almost four months. I can’t believe that it took us that long to be able to go and get her. It has been great having her back with us.

Whenever we travel lately we make sure that it is like an adventure for us. We take our time so that we are able to see different things. I am the type to like to look at the signs and the different farming areas.

40484290_1895691870525618_9034394416428613632_nThis time we took the long way to get to our destination. We made a pit stop in Los Angeles at a favorite Taco Truck that my sister in law took us to the last time we were in town my brother in law was with us so he wanted to try them as well. Their tacos are delicious and we will make it a point to stop by each time we are in town there.

Chelsea really wanted to go swimming so after eating the Tacos. We ended up sending the whole day visiting with family instead of traveling to our next destination. That was perfectly alright though. We had a great time. We even went to the mall and went shopping for a bit. I really want to go back that mall sometime as I saw two stores I wanted to check out.

That evening we headed up to Hayward to be with our baby girl. Our trip wasn’t too long but it was nice seeing some sites before I got too dark. Once we got up there we stayed for 2 days and went home Monday afternoon. 40744653_1896833587078113_8001575517566271488_nWe got to visit with family and see some sites in San Francisco. Whenever we visit we always like to get food from our favorite places since where we currently live the food just doesn’t seem as good.

40670115_1897408717020600_2789102137970262016_nOmar took us to some of the World War II forts so we were able to see how they looked. It was terrible to see how much they had been destroyed by nature and by people. It hurt to see so much graffiti on our history.  The sites were just gorgeous even with all of the mist and fog. We loved being able to see the golden gate bridge up close.

40988444_1898176866943785_7139762579840172032_nOn our way home we stopped off at the beach. Our sweet dog LTeeny had her first experience with the beach and I feel she loved it. She got wet by the waves a few times and kept going back for more. It just touched her paws and then we ran from it. We loved it except how we had to climb down a cliff area to get to the beach. I don’t like to have to climb like that so it was difficult for me and for my chihuahua LTeeny. As you can see here she was smiling because she was back home with her family.


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