Suffering from Anxiety and Depression: My Thoughts! #Anxiety #Depression

I have had issues with depression and anxiety since I was about 11 years old. I have had a lot of family issues and stress factors come into my life. Some times things just get overwhelming for me. When I have a big task ahead of me especially at home I tend to start feeling my anxiety rise up. My anxiety tends to make me procrastinate on getting my task completed at home. I feel that when I see big messes I can’t handle it.

At first I really didn’t understand the craze that has been going on for Essential Oils. I am so glad that I have tried some of the different ones. I really feel that Peppermint Oil is the best thing since sliced bread. Whenever I have a headache I put a drop on the particular spot and I see almost immediate relief.  I use Essential oils for just about every ache or emotional feeling. I always keep around my blend that helps with sleeping as well as one that helps brighten the mood of the day.

I have noticed that along with essential oils amber bracelets have been a big help for me as well. Before I started wearing my amber bracelet I would get pain in my wrists from over using them. I work in the field wear I am on the computer constantly and my hands start hurting after a while. I noticed that they hardly hurt anymore.  I also noticed that when my daughter wears her amber bracelet or necklace that she is calmer and more focused if that makes sense.

What do you do to help you feel better without taking medications?

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