Fashionable Subscription Boxes: KidBox VS Kidpik! #KidBox #KidPik

We kept seeing advertisements for different Clothing subscription boxes for Kids. We thought it would be neat to give them a try. Chelsea is picky when it comes to the outfits that she likes and whether it will fit her or not. She is six years old but still fits size 4/5, 4T and 5T in most things. She is a petite little girl.Kidbox1We noticed so pros and cons to each of the boxes. Let me tell you about kidpik each box varies in price based on what is actually in the box. The Kidpik boxes only have clothing with their label on it while KidBox you will see clothes from Reebok, Nike, Puma, Jessica Simpson, etc. Kidbox their box are the same amount each time if you decide to keep the whole box. When you keep your whole Kidbox they will donate a box of clothing to different charities. That right there is a big pro for us.

We tried both of these boxes for 2 months and have concluded that we prefer Kidbox as the clothing they send match my daughters style a lot more than the ones from Kidpik. I feel that the clothing from Kidpik are on the flashy side. We have received shoes in the boxes twice and they were bright colors that don’t really match the clothing that Chelsea has. With each of these boxes you have seven days from the date you receive your box to decide which items you will be keeping. So far we have kept everything from Kidbox and have returned about half of the items from Kidpik as they either were not the right size or style that we liked for Chelsea.

Right now there is a deal on Swagbucks to get $12.50 back when you try out Kidbox and a deal for Kidpik as well to get $32.50 back when you try them out.


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