Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Travel Accessories! #JuJuBe

42416336_1925025224258949_103024651839471616_oFor the past 4 years Ju Ju Be bags have been a necessity in our lives. Chelsea and I use them for just about every purpose from a travel backpack, to a lunch bag, carrying case for art supplies and even as a purse. I am the type of person to over pack. Its mainly because I don’t want to have to purchase something while we are traveling. My daughter and I have allergies. I always like to be prepared and take medications just in case.

If you would of seen how many bags we would take when we didn’t have our Ju Ju Be bags. You would of thought we were bringing our whole bedroom and bathroom. My family used to get so frustrated with me because of my over packing. Now we take one Be Right Back Backpack, one Mini Be, our suitcase and one extra bag for any extras. We recently got a Superstar as well as two Super Be bags so we are going to try traveling with those bags as well to see how it goes. I love how these bags keep everything organized and easy to get to.  Even with cutting our bags down a bit we still take just about the same amount of stuff but you would not know it because of the amount of bags we bring is way less.

What bags do you use to travel? What do you normally pack for long road trips. Our trips are normally Five to Ten hours long so I always bring activities to keep busy such as Nintendo 3DS, Tablet, Activity Books, etc.


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