Sharing About our Favorite Pastimes: Reborn Baby Dolls! #Reborn #BabyDolls #Imagination #Imagine

Growing up I always loving baby dolls. I actually still have several of the dolls I had from my childhood. I have shared the love of baby dolls with my daughter and more so recently. We found some Vloggers on YouTube that share about their reborn and lifelike baby dolls and let me say oops because my daughter now just adores those baby dolls. 16708752_1276393019122176_5205219469496965696_nWe of course are a low income family and we really can’t afford to buy those baby dolls and any of the different ones available. I don’t feel that we need to buy babies brand new as they will receive the same amount of love and caring as if they were new. We however have been fortunate enough to know which baby dolls are the good ones and have been searching our local thrift shops and have actually found some of the dolls that have been featured by the Vloggers.

I truly feel that the baby dolls that are from when I was a child are so adorable and better quality as toy can see by this picture most of these sweet darlings are either from the late 80’s or early 90’s. I grew up playing with Cabbage Patch Dolls, Baby Loves To Talk, Magic Nursery Dolls, Berjusa Dolls, Gerber Baby Dolls, Berenguer Baby Dolls just to name a few. 16711790_1276422699119208_5087704939516279403_n

Do you happen to see any babies that you may have had growing up? Comment below and let us know if you played with baby dolls or if you are a collector.  Just a side note Chelsea does not normally sleep with all of these baby dolls she was pretending to have a slumber party with  her babies when this picture was taken.

Anyways, we truly love watching MariahsReborns, Julie’s Reborns and KelliMaple. Kelli Maple is more about different baby alive dolls that are available. Mariah and Julie however are more about the different types of lifelike baby dolls that are available these channels are great for learning about the different types for collectors. Each one of these channels are girls that are pre-teens or teenagers. Julie does her vlogging with her mom and Mariah does hers with her grandmother. Kelli does most of hers by herself but does include her friends occasionally.  Go and check them out and if you like them leave a comment on one of their videos and let them know that Chelsea’s Mommy Experiencing New Things Loving Life Blog sent you.

16806680_1284160125012132_5283127951022467935_nChelsea has been falling in love with the videos with the Baby Alive babies as well as the lifelike ones. We happened to find a Berjusa Baby Doll from the late 80’s that is in almost perfect condition. She is just so precious. Chelsea has already started taking her out with us on several outings. This past weekend we went to several parks and got to enjoy our time playing at the playground and visiting with the ducks and geese. 16807258_1284160341678777_471368579603474612_nChelsea and I really enjoy just watching the scenery. We just love collecting these sweet babies. Love all the bonding time I get to have with my sweet daughter.

This year I wanted to really share more about us instead of mainly review posts. We want to share our interests so that you see what we really like. We really want to show more about us and our adventures.

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