My First Blogger Secret Santa Gift Reveal What a Treat!!! #BloggerSecretSanta #HolidayDelight #SpaTime

This was the first year for me to participate in a blogger Secret Santa. I thought it was neat that different bloggers from around the world were participating. Many of them from all kinds of backgrounds and even ages. This holiday season has been a bit rough to say the least so having this to help keep my mind off of things has really helped.

This Christmas I decided participate in Blogger Secret Santa which is hosted by Megan from Love Megan Anne. Please go check her out. This experience has been so much fun as it is a way to get more involved in the blogging community and mingle with my co-workers lol. As a part of Secret Santa, I bought a fellow blogger a gift and I received a gift. In my gift I received some awesome goodies which we are about to dive into.

I had so much fun picking out gifts for my Secret Santa, DeAndrea from DeAndrea Ashanelle! Chelsea really helped me get everything organized in her box of goodies.

20171224_220939When my box arrived I wanted to just save it until Christmas Day but I knew that I needed to get this post up before then. I was in shock with how much my secret santa had put into my box. I know that I will be having a spa day this weekend.  Everything that my Secret Santa picked out for me. Chelsea and I already started doing our nails with this beautiful nail polish set. I love the smell of the body lotion and the body wash. I also adored the scent of the candle just perfect for my home. I feel that my Secret Santa which was Danni from I really appreciate everything that was given to me.


I would love to know if any of you participated in any gift exchanges this year and if you enjoyed them.  Comment below. Hope every one has a beautiful Christmas. I know that my family will. 



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