Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Fall is upon us! #PaintedRocks #Walking

Chelsea and I enjoy going to the park and going for walks. We like to do that especially if my husband is going to be joining us. I feel that it is more of adventure that way. I just adore when the 3 of us can have some family time together.

22089454_1504937829601026_7333036442349171734_n - CopyThe last time that we went to the park we got introduced into looking for painted rocks. We really enjoyed trying to find the rocks and then re hiding them. It was a lot of fun. Chelsea loved trying to make the items harder to find for the next set of people. We happened to be able to find 3 rocks that day. I know that Chelsea truly enjoyed looking for the different rocks. She was constantly trying to find more of them.

22154547_1504937616267714_4937277171227035657_nWhen we go to the park we also love watching the geese and the ducks. We make sure that we walk the path around the pond just so that we are able to see them. We love it so much. I think that Chelsea and I are just drawn to places that have some type of animals.

Have you gone on a walk looking for these types of treasures? Let us know in the comments if you have either decorated rocks like these or found some during your walks in the neighborhood.

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