In Loving Memory of My Sweet Grandma! #RestInPeace #Grandma #InLovingMemory

This past couple weeks have been a bit rough for me. My grandma went to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day with many health issues. I felt that she would be getting better like she has always done before. We had planned on making a stop to see her on Sunday after our Disneyland Trip. 24176960_1558366357591506_4598509092221676718_nWe wanted to spend some time with her and let her know that we were thinking of her and hoped she would get better soon. As the days went by her condition kept deteriorating. On Sunday Morning we had news that it may be her last day. We tried to get to her as fast as possible so that we would be able to spend time with her. 24131159_1558366994258109_6111773551406261027_nEveryone was at the hospital when we arrived. They were all saying their final goodbyes. I kept hoping and praying that this was not true. I am so grateful that my husband suggested that we stay an extra day so that I could a little bit more time with her. 24068340_1558367307591411_5085568131623744679_nI really wish that I would have been able to have more time with her. I didn’t get to visit as often as I would like to. She passed away on Tuesday, November 28th at 5:54PM.

I truly enjoyed every moment that I had with her. She always would tell us insightful stories about things that went on in her past. 24176733_1558368177591324_1791249436283647250_nI loved hearing about the relatives and when she grew up. I know that Chelsea and I just enjoyed every minute we were with her. We loved playing games together every time that we visited with her. We have gained the love of playing games as a part of family time from her. I loved how competitive she was during some of the games and she always was very good at it. Every time we would go to visit family we would spend time at Grandma’s little apartment. It is going to be a bit weird going to my family’s house and not going directly to her little apartment like I have for the past 6 1/2 years.

24174455_1558369934257815_6132492643820832821_nChelsea always got excited when she knew our vacation time was getting closer so that we could spend more time with G.G. She loved going over to her apartment playing games with her and well just spending time with her. Chelsea is her first great grand-baby and well I am her first granddaughter. It was just something special there.

24174429_1558370284257780_9017009088922444430_nWe are definitely going to miss her and we are going to cherish all of the memories we had with her. Even though it was way too short of an amount of time that we had. Chelsea just adored every moment with G.G. She loved being able to spend the day with her each and every time that we would go for a visit.


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