Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our First Family Vacation to Disneyland! #Disneyland #FamilyVacation

This was the first time we had been able to go on a family vacation as a family just the three of us. We got up early Saturday Morning and headed off to our hotel. We chose an hotel that offered a shuttle service so that we could just park at the hotel and use the shuttle service to the theme park. 

23844434_1553882231373252_4733190233082586137_nWe loved that we were just able to go with the flow there was not any certain plan. We just looked for rides with short lines. The first ride that we went on was Snow White. It took Chelsea a bit to warm up to the rides. The second ride we went on was Pinocchio. Chelsea really enjoyed that ride. 24059003_1553893024705506_7294745907825796629_nShe didn’t understand that most indoor rides were dark so that your able to see all of the different sights.  We walked around all of the park looking for rides and sights that were shorter lines.

23915644_1554074951353980_4228271135822045655_nChelsea and I really enjoyed spending time with my hubby and her daddy. It was so much fun going on the rides together as a family and spending time together. Chelsea really enjoyed going on Winnie The Pooh, Alice In Wonderland, Astro Blasters and The Tea Cups.

24067949_1558204360941039_7614642060297926994_nWe loved being able to meet the different characters walking around the park. Chelsea really enjoyed meeting Pluto and Chewbacca. Chelsea loved telling Pluto about watching him on the TV. She loved how happy he was when he her that.  Chelsea really enjoyed meeting Chewbacca. He was so sweet. Chelsea and I gave him a hug after taking our photos with him. I loved that we were able to take the photos together. We loved looking at the different exhibits. It was neat seeing all of the different things from Star Wars.

I really loved how the park has updated since the last time I was there. I noticed that even the areas where you see the Grand Canyon and Dinosaurs had been updated. I loved that they added more animals to it. I also loved that the Robot that was in the Innovations area was now located at Autotopia. It was great seeing that they did not get rid of him.

23915538_1554917194603089_1514105767620618663_nOmar made sure that Chelsea went on every ride that she enjoyed multiple times. We ended up going on Alice in Wonderland twice, Winnie The Pooh three times, Astro Blasters three times and the Tea Cups four times. We stayed at the park until closing time. Chelsea was so tired and exhausted. Omar carried her to our hotel room. We loved how the hotel was decorated so beautifully for the holidays. I feel that this vacation was one to remember and I know that all three of us definitely had a great time. I know that Omar is already excited about our next adventure even though it is not planned yet.



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