Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Breaking Geodes! #Geodes #Fun #Learning

Chelsea and I found a kit on Amazon and thought it would be fun to see what the inside of Geodes look like. I love that Chelsea really loves to learn and see whats around her. This kit offered 12 Geodes for a very low price so I thought it would be a great activity. Chelsea was so excited to show everyone how her geodes looked inside. We ended up smashing 4 of them and saving the rest for a later time.

Chelsea and I had a lot of fun seeing how sparkly the geodes look inside.  We love that we are now able to spend some time in our yard.22814368_1529172560510886_8403299924721798546_n We are able to do fun activities like this one and learn more about the nature around us. She loved collecting the different pieces and then putting them together in  a nice pile so we can see how each piece looked.

22885850_1529172237177585_6641787446413107610_nI love being able to do activities like this one with my daughter and I know that she truly enjoys it too. She was excited to see what was inside these rocks. I had never smashed geodes before either so it was a fun experience for me as well. We look forward to doing more activities like this one in the near future.

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