Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Gilcrease Orchards! #PumpinPatch #Orchards #FunTimes

This was our first time ever checking out Gilcrease Orchards. It is a local farm that has many different fruits and vegetables for sale at a low price. Chelsea really loved that she was able to pick her own pumpkin for the patches. They also had Squash, Egg Plant, Pomagrantes and Apples available for picking. 22310149_1510386069056202_6569662584333262878_nChelsea and I got a few egg plants, some squash and a few pumpkins. Chelsea also got a few apples. She was so excited to be picking the directly from the vine or the trees. We had to keep telling Chelsea that we were looking for the best one before we pick any of them. 22365146_1510386245722851_3912284785141456492_nWe found some different items mixed in the patches that we felt were a bit oddly placed. Check out the photo to the left and see if you notice anything.

It was funny seeing these different vegetables place in the wrong area. Chelsea found a sweet potato near the apple trees and we found this turnip near the pumpkin patch. 22228630_1510386352389507_6661528332361168313_nThere we also many things of corn in the middle of the pumpkin patch. Chelsea and I really love finding what is out of place.

We definitely recommend this orchard as a fun place if you looking for a early morning adventure. I do recommend getting there before 8:00 AM as it less crowded. They do have a little cafe where the sell Kettle Corn, Apple Cider Donuts, Coffee, Water and Apple Cider. They are priced very well and everything was delicious. It was about $10 for 5 people. We purchase a dozen donuts and 3 drinks to share.


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