Adventures with Coley and Chelsea: Family Fun Evenings! #FamilyDate #GreatTimes

Chelsea and I truly enjoy when we get to go on outings and fun adventures with my husband. Every weekend we make it a point to do something fun together. Whether is just going to look for garage sales, going to the park and going out to dinner.

22281703_1509932739101535_5057634763452761602_nIts a great time when we get to do things together. I know that my husband is almost constantly working but I love that he always seems to make sure the 3 of us do something together as a family as much as possible. This past weekend we decided to take Chelsea to a pumpkin patch. She just loved it. Chelsea really enjoyed going on the different rides and getting to spend time with her daddy.  I love that we are now starting to enjoy more things as a family. Chelsea really gets excited when its time to go places with daddy. Chelsea really enjoyed going on the rides and wished that her daddy would have gone on them with her.

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