Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our trip to Kangamoo Playground! #FunTimes #HappyBirthday

Chelsea wanted to have her birthday party at Kangamoo Playground this year. She had a blast being able to have playtime with her best friends from daycare, dance class and even her other little friends from places far and wide. She seemed to be trying all of the different things they had available for her to do. We love that there are many different activities to keep all of the children busy.

The whole time we were there it seemed like they were awfully busy. I will recommend going through the regular party option as having an open play party was chaotic. They did not allow us to bring in the goody bags that I created for my daughters friends let alone the gifts. I had to either go put all of them back in the car or in a locker. I didn’t feel that was a great thing at all. Since we had to round up everyone to give the goody bags it seemed like several other kids that were not part of our party thought that it was a free for all and started grabbing bags out of our box. Luckily we still had enough bags for everyone.  With that mess aside I feel that all of the kids truly enjoyed themselves.

If you would like to check them out: Click Here



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