Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: Another Morning at Seaquest Aquarium! #Seaquest #Aquarium #FamilyFun

Chelsea and I really enjoy our times at the aquarium. We love being able to go spend time with our favorite sealife and birds. Each time that we go it seems that we concentrate our time on different activities. 19702536_1427850227309787_7047212446697448762_nThis time it seemed we spent the most time with the eels, birds and in the playground. This time we went along with my sister, our friend and her twins. Chelsea just adored having a play date 2 days in a row. Chelsea loves making new friends. She really loved showing the boys around the aquarium and showing them the different animals that were there.  Chelsea was having fun with the eel it was like moving its mouth at the same time she was moving hers. It was really funny. It almost looked like they were talking to each other.

19756738_1427850523976424_7937092937289902196_nChelsea and I normally when play with the water features and spend time with the stingrays. We found out that a couple of them are pregnant and they are expecting the babies in November. That is going to be so neat.

19748819_1427849983976478_3727835873142591263_nChelsea had a blast with the parakeets and the lorikeets though she didn’t like them landing on her head. She has a sensitive head. Once they got off she was fine. She liked being able to feed them and pet them.

We just love how they are constantly moving and improving the aquarium. It seems like each time we go something has been moved or something is being improved.



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