Colorado Baby Meet Up @ Kids Time! #ColoroadieBaby #KidsTime #PlayDate #MeetUP

Chelsea and I really enjoyed to going to our first meet up and really our first real play date. We normally like to stay on our part of town so that I are at places that are familiar to us. We took the leap of faith and headed towards the opposite side of town to an indoor playground called KIDS TIME. Chelsea was so excited to start playing and enjoying the different activities that were available at the center. They had 2 big play areas that had slides, an area for little ones under the age of 1, a jumper, an area for kids to play house, and much more.

19702233_1426918700736273_3598805681337396308_nChelsea really loved playing on the smaller play gym with the 1 slide as well as the jumper. That was the first time she had ever been a jumper before. She truly enjoyed being able to jump all her energy out. She spent a good twenty minutes in the jumper. I saw her at one point playing with the doll houses and at another point pretending to make different items in the play kitchens. 19756783_1426919464069530_902370849267172644_nShe seemed like she wanted to try out all of the available items at the playground. She really seemed to be enjoying herself. If this indoor playground was closer to our house I do feel that we would frequent the facility.  Even though it is far away I feel that we may go back there in the future. 19702561_1426918867402923_6872827395993765472_nChelsea loved being able to make new friends. She ended up being good play mates with one of the little girls that attended the event. It was so sweet watching them play so well together. She kept helping the other little girl up the slide. This little slide had a special technique to get up and slide back down. She showed the other little girl and both of them really enjoyed taking turns going on the slide structure. Chelsea didn’t want to stop for a snack break or even for a potty break as she was really enjoying herself.

The main reason why we attended the event was to support one of our favorite stores, Colorado Baby. We really love all of the products that they have available within their store, We have never had the opportunity to physically go to their store as they are in Grand Junction, Colorado. 19732149_1427577460670397_288666323151139446_nWe however have made several purchases on the website. I really enjoy the Snag The Bags they offered and they were the ones that I really got me into JuJuBe bags. I feel that these bags really give me the capability to keep things organized in my daily life as well as when I travel.  During this meet up I was able to meet local ladies that also have been long time shoppers with Colorado Baby. It is nice to see that there are other ladies with similar interests as me in the local area.  We don’t have many friends that we get to enjoy quality time with. We mainly just have that online based communication. Chelsea really thought it was nice being able to make new friends. I really made me feel good and connected to the ladies.

19756781_1427577624003714_6739659518882216224_nWhile at the meet up I met the ladies in charge of Vegas Family Guide, Emily and Nannette. It was definitely a pleasure being able to meet them. Its nice to see they are connected to some of the resources that I have been and to learn of more places for my daughter and I to enjoy. I feel that finding these connections were great. I hope that we will be able to attend more events together in the future and that our children will be able to go on more play dates together.


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