Getting on board with! #Vlogger #Vlog

Chelsea and I are pretty late on the bandwagon for but now that we have learned how to use it for the most part  we really enjoy it. Never thought that I would actually enjoy the video part of this. Chelsea really loves making the comedy and dance videos.

19030534_1399244783503665_5192228072516784623_nIf you have never heard of its a pretty neat app to use to make cute little music and comedy videos. My daughter just loves it. She has always been the type to dance around the house and make up her own little songs. We have only been exploring this app for the past couple of months and we already have almost 1000 fans. There are almost always challenges going on for us to try to get our videos featured. Some of them are just perfect for little miss Chelsea.


I have always been the type that loved to be creative. This app is definitely a way for my daughter and I to have fun and be creative. Growing up I would spend hours trying to put videos together and style them up with music and sound effects to the background.

If you would like to check out the videos we created so far our user name is @coleycorona. #fun #music #comedy #talent #comedyskits #entertainment

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