Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Visiting John’s Incredible Pizza! #Pizza #Outings

This weekend we wanted to go spend sometime at John’s Incredible Pizza. We love that it is a buffet so that you have many items to choose from for your meal. We have been to John’s Incredible Pizza several times just about once a month. It seems like one of the best places for us for family date night. Chelsea just enjoys going on the rides and playing the games. She loves watching the movies that they have on the big screens in the dining areas. Surprisingly we were there for more than 5 hours and were quite content. 

Chelsea just loves the choice available at the buffet area for salad bar, soups, pizza, pasta and chicken. There is many different items to choose from so that everyone is satisfied when the meal is complete. On the weekends there is the incredibear mascot that comes around to visit the kids every once in a while. 18814049_1388848614543282_7837047926360999171_nThis time all of the kids got to dance with incredibear and win tickets. Chelsea won 40 tickets just by showing her dance moves. She thought it was a lot of fun.

18951309_1388849014543242_6551870041961091294_nChelsea got ready to redeem her tickets and all of them disappeared off her card. It was a big mess at first but were glad the manager was available to give her the tickets back. Chelsea likes to roll over her tickets so that she can get a big prize every time. Luckily she was able to roll over 1200 tickets after getting her prizes.


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