Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Build A Bear Experience! #BuildABear #FunActivities #Preschooler


Sometimes we just want to get out for the day. Last weekend we decided after her dance class we would go to lunch and then have a fun afternoon at Build A Bear. There are so many different animals to choose from. I love that they have a nice price range so that she was able to stay under her budget of $35. She had a gift card plus a little extra money just in case she went a little over her budget. She chose the $12.50 teddy bear. There are options to add smell cards, sounds, and much more. We chose to do the add on of the smell card so her teddy smells like Vanilla Cup Cakes. Luckily they have a clearance rack for the bears clothing. Chelsea picked out a cute little outfit and an extra shirt for $10. The lady that helped Chelsea out with the experience was very friendly and showed her exactly what she needed to do each step of the way.  I feel that Chelsea was a bit overwhelmed with all of the clothing options. Once I narrowed her options down for her she was alright.

Every weekend we try to do at least one little adventurous item. Not necessarily will we spend any money though. Sometimes we just spend the afternoon in the front of our house playing with her slide or cozy coupe. She just loves being able to get out and explore. We love going to the parks and aquarium as well.

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