Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: Another Day at Seaquest! #SeaquestAquarium #BoulevardMall

Chelsea and I just enjoy going to see how the sea life, birds and reptiles are doing at Seaquest Aquarium. We love seeing each of them growing up. Some of the different animals were babies when we first visited the Aquarium. Our favorite animals to spend time with are the Stingrays, Catfish and Starfish.  This time we noticed that the turtles have been growing a lot. Chelsea was so excited when I told her we would be visiting again. Chelsea said “Yay I am going to go visit my cousin…” I said “your cousin?”. Chelsea said “Yeah the catfish.” Chelsea just adores the catfish to pieces. She plays with them every time we go to the aquarium. The catfish will follow her from one side of the tank to the other. It is just adorable to see the interactions between a catfish and a little girl.  I feel the same way as Chelsea about catfish though. When I was a little bit older than Chelsea my mom and dad would go fishing and my mom would bring the catfish home. She would then place them in our little plastic pool so that we could enjoy some time with the fish. It was like they were our pets.

Chelsea loved that she was able to pet some of the reptiles and the birds. I love that the aquarium is not so crowded so we get some one on one time with the employees that work with the animals. Chelsea and I are always learning something new.

What exhibits to do you like to see when you visit an Aquarium?

We love seeing all of the improvements that are going on at Boulevard Mall. It will be great once the mini golf center and galaxy movie theaters open. We are excited that we will have places to spend our lovely weekends.

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