Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Easter Weekend! #HappyEaster #EasterAdventures

Chelsea and I had a great Easter Weekend. Normally we go camping and spend it with our family but this year was a bit different. 17904119_1337546709673473_445432996233127832_nOn Thursday Chelsea got to decorate eggs at her daycare. She really enjoyed doing that. She was able to color a dozen eggs. She decorated them so beautifully. Chelsea really got creative with her Easter Eggs. Each  of the eggs had a bit of a different design. I love how some eggs show just a bit of splatter of another color. I know that Chelsea truly loves getting creative.  On Friday she was excited that there was going to be an Easter egg hunt at her daycare. Normally she does not attend day care on that when ever they mention that there will be a celebration of some sort I make sure that she attends so that she is able to get more socialization skills. I know that she truly enjoys spending time with her friends at daycare.

17834909_1339617669466377_5103274618660863241_oOn Saturday we decided to go to Town Square Mall Easter Egg Hunt and Hop Shop Event. This was the first time we had been to this type of event. Growing up we used to either just stay home or go to events held by the Church we were going to at the time. We tended to move a lot for a good portion of my childhood so it seemed like each year we were in a different community so it was different type of event. Anyways Chelsea truly enjoyed the egg hunt that was at Town Square. 17972203_1339617316133079_1597506941500948703_oShe was a bit impatient though because we had to get there pretty early to register and it was about 2 and a half hours later before her egg hunt was going to start. The shops had not officially opened so we were unable to look in the shops.  I think the next time they have that event that they should have the stores open so that the people at the event could shop around or at least look around. Once it was about a half an hour before her egg hunt we got into the next line so that she would be ready for her egg hunt. She truly had a blast hunting for all of the eggs.

Later on in the afternoon we had another celebration to go to. Chelsea’s little friend Scarlett was celebrating her 4th birthday. This was Chelsea’s third time ever going to a birthday party for her friends. She really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her little friends. I am glad that she is invited to events like these so that she is able to spend time with her little friends outside of dance class or daycare.

17973892_1340738186020992_3017807284288436691_oEaster Sunday was a lot of fun. Chelsea had items hidden through out our home and even in our front yard. Chelsea had a lot of fun looking in each room to see what there was to find. Chelsea wanted to go Easter Egg hunting with our Chihuahua LTeeny and her baby doll Mallorie. 17973476_1340738906020920_4109268130616546996_oLTeeny was really enjoying herself being outdoors with us and spending time with Chelsea. Chelsea just adores our chihuahua. They are definitely good buddies. Chelsea enjoyed every minute of the day. She even skipped her nap time because she was afraid she was going to miss something. After spending time with my sister for Easter. Chelsea and I spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and relaxing.

Hope you had an Amazing Easter Holidays! What was your favorite part of your holiday celebrations? What events did you attend?

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