Feeling Thrifty How About You? #Thrifty #SaveMeSomeMoney

Chelsea and I just adore going to thrift shops and garage sales. We tend to find some great deals. I know that I get that trait from my dad and my grandpa. They really love going to those different places. My hubby enjoys going occasionally. I love that I have my little buddy to go with me. Chelsea just loves looking through the clothes that are her size as well as the baby dolls. Toys are so expensive now a days especially baby dolls. Chelsea has been really enjoying her baby dolls as well as her barbies lately. 

Chelsea has been enjoying watching different vloggers and before she started watching them she didn’t really have a big interest in Baby Alive Dolls. Once she found out about them it was like they were a magnet to her. She has been attracted to finding them. I have looked online and they are so expensive for my taste. Chelsea has been lucky enough to find several of them at our local thrift shops in almost brand new condition.

I really love looking through the knick knacks and especially through the bags and purses. I just love coach and jujube bags but would absolutely never pay full price for. As of right now Ju Ju Be is my absolute favorite when it comes to bags. They are technically meant for diaper bags but I use them for carrying just about anything.  I have come across a few coach purses in my garage sale adventures but have not found a JuJuBe yet. I however have gotten some decently priced ones from Poshmark and from Facebook groups. I have 1 Be Light, 1 MiniBe, 2 HoboBe, 2 Be Sets, 5 Pacipods and I think 4 Be Quicks.

What do you look for when you head to the thrift shops or garage sales? Is there anything in particular you look for?  Let us know in the comments below.

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