Creating Fun Memories With Chelsea: Our Second Visit to Seaquest Aquarium – Las Vegas

Chelsea and I really enjoy going on different outings each week. We mainly spend our time at home, the park, the malls, and at the aquarium. The reason this is only our second time going to the aquarium is because we haven’t been feeling well lately. It seems like we have been rotating who is not feeling at their best or the weather has not been the best so we haven’t been since we went back in the middle of January. 

16938980_1287575444670600_320500185951699048_nI have a bit of anxiety and don’t really feel that comfortable at places that are really crowded. I felt that the first time we went that the aquarium was pretty crowded but went we went this time it was not bad at all. I felt very comfortable. 16865026_1287575708003907_8005486146264577805_nChelsea and I really got to enjoy ourselves spending time with the reptiles, birds and sea life that are available to see. There are many rooms to go in and different sections with different types of activities. Chelsea and I saw at least one or two favorites in each room.

16832098_1287575838003894_1801574944438327169_nChelsea was very excited to see that one of her old teachers Meah was working there. She said that seeing her was the best part of our adventure. 16806675_1287575871337224_9011448662773268561_nI actually felt feeding the sting rays and koa was the best part of the adventure. I also felt just being with my daughter was great.  To feed the animals you have to buy tokens which is an extra cost besides the admissions cost. We actually bought annual passes before the aquarium opened. You can buy the tokens in token packages or buy them 1 by 1. We used 5 tokens during our trip. That was just perfect for us. We were able to feed the sting rays 4 times and feed the koa fish once. I just adore the sting rays I love feeding them and petting them. Chelsea loved the little sting ray. It was like playing with her.

We are excited to go back again maybe next week or the week after. We saw that they are already expanding and adding a playground outside at the entrance of the aquarium. It looked like it had a slide and maybe even a splash park. The aquarium is located at Boulevard Mall which is turning into an family entertainment center. They also have John’s Incredible Pizza at the mall. There is a mini golf place, 3D ride, a train and many more activities coming soon.


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