Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Valentine’s Day! #HappyValentinesDay #GreatDay #ValentinesDay

Chelsea and I really had a good day for the most part. Chelsea had to go to the urgent care yesterday afternoon because of an ear ache and when we came home. She is now recovering from an ear infection. I am glad we caught it in the early stages so that she is starting to feel better already. 16716143_1277778932316918_3428690733567928059_o

Omar had brought us  a sweet valentine’s day basket. We really were so happy to see the sweet gift baskets.  Chelsea just adores the white puppy that was in this basket. Chelsea and I picked a nice card for Omar and bought him a few hot wheels to add to his collection. He loves collecting Hot Wheels and for just about every holiday we make sure to get him a few new ones to add to his collection.

16665568_1278249918936486_7169135896114654174_oOn Valentine’s Day Omar brought home a sweet bouquet of roses and a sweet Pluto stuffed animal. I just thought that these are just so sweet. I love how romantic and caring he was this year and how he included our daughter this year.  These were definitely an unexpected surprise since he brought home the puppy basket the night before. 16715974_1278250555603089_8042347615203452559_oI just love my hubby and glad that he is mine. On Saturday it will be our 5 year anniversary. I am very excited about that. Hard to believe time is flying by that fast. We had such a great day. Chelsea had a Valentine’s Day party at her day care. Chelsea really enjoyed the little cards that she got from her friends.  What a great day.

How was your Valentine’s Day??

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