Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: Finding Places To Go Without Spending a Fortune! #PokemonGo #Parks #MommyDaughterTime

Chelsea and I have been making it a point to have a bit of fun even when we are just out running errands. I have been trying to exercise more. I need to lose weight and get healthy again. We have been stopping at the park sometimes before, in between or after our errands. We always like to make the day a fun day.

15585370_1220979767996835_849783247600367538_oChelsea and I really enjoy going to the park to go for a walk and we make sure to visit with the ducks and geese if we head to Sunset park or the beautiful bridges if we go to Winchester Park. As of now those are the only parks we go to besides the playgrounds in our complex. We also love going to the mall to walk around as well. 16112879_1248994228528722_64798076579565393_o Chelsea and I really love seeing animals so we love that Seaquest is at one of our favorite malls. We only have been once so far but plan on going many more times. We just love being able to walk and see beautiful sights. The only place that truly costs us anything to go is Seaquest but we already bought annual passes. We have passes to go til January of 2018.


Chelsea and l really enjoy our adventures that we have and hope to have many more pretty soon. Yesterday we took Charmander with us to go grocery shopping and we played Pokemon Go while shopping so one of our eggs hatched and it was Charmander. Such great luck for us. We even appraised him and he was mentioned to be a wonder. We just love that this game as well as my fitbit is an encouragement to keep on moving and getting out there to walk around.

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