Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Seaquest Aquarium Las Vegas Location! #Seaquest #Aquarium #FamilyTime

We didn’t expect Seaquest Aquarium to be so crowded on our first visit there. Chelsea and I really love looking at the different animals and sea creatures. There is so many different animals to see, feed and even touch. 15875609_10211683373379162_7508197033945423279_oThis place is definitely somewhere you need to plan on staying for more than a couple of hours. I am the type to start having anxiety when it is too crowded. I think Chelsea and I are going to pick days to go when its not so crazy.

15875442_10211682411395113_4311614369240056512_oWe really loved watching all of the different fish swimming around in the tanks. We noticed the tanks didn’t have labels so that was a bit of a drawback as Chelsea kept asking what type of fish they were. I also noticed that some of the tanks were empty. I am wondering if they will be adding more to the tanks. Chelsea and I plan on going back in a couple weeks. Chelsea I really enjoying checking out these different kinds of fish, birds and reptiles. Chelsea really loved the Lorikeets. I really loved feeding the sting rays. Chelsea loved playing the different water activities. They even have games on the floor that the kids can play. There is a section where they can color pictures. There are a lot of benches and areas to sit down and just enjoy the atmosphere.

15936524_10211683369779072_618623323591244814_oI was afraid at first to pet the stingrays but the one that I was feeding seemed pretty friendly. It felt weird but I definitely enjoyed the experience. I feel that this place is great for locals and for even tourists that would like to get off of the strip. I tend to avoid the strip because of to many crowds and not enough things to do that is low cost with young children.

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