Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: Winter Vacation Part 3! #SpaTime #Relax #Enjoyment #FamilyTime

So far our vacation has been going pretty smoothly. I have been enjoying spending some time with my step mom and my dad.  I have also been enjoying getting to know Donna better. Chelsea and I have been enjoying ourselves. Monday was a day for us to rest and relax. We got went to the nail salon and got pedicures. I feel that it was a lot of fun. It was nice getting to spend time just us girls. In the evening we went over to my aunt and uncle house to play some games.

Tuesday was the end of Caralynn and Donna’s vacation time and well just the mid point of mine and Chelsea’s. We still had 4 more days to enjoy with the family in California and well technically 6 more days of our vacation before we would be heading back to our routine.

Chelsea and I spent most of the afternoon with Grandma, Aunt Debbie and Aunt Esther. We really enjoyed playing games and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

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