Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Winter Vacation Part 2! #NewYears #FamilyFun #Family

Chelsea and I try to spend our New Years Vacation each year with our family. Last year we had made the Saran Wrap game. Its a game where you wrap many different prizes inside a ball of saran wrap. I believe we had at least 75 prizes in our game this year. It definitely was a lot larger than the ones that we had made previously. Last year we had a few guys play the game so this year we made sure to have several items that were for guys. It ended up that only 1 guy played this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game.

15799847_10211607260596390_537171819334857622_oFriday evening before New Years Eve we had spent some time over at grandma’s house and then had to go to the store to buy some items for New Years Day dinner. It was one of the first times going late night shopping while visiting my dad’s house. It was truly an experience. Most items that we needed were not even available at the first store so we had to go to another store just to find the items.

New Years Eve was an eventful day to say the least. In the morning Chelsea and I got the Saran Wrap game ready and I wrapped last minute birthday presents. My Aunt Martha’s birthday is new years eve and my sister Caralynn’s birthday is New Years Day. We had dinner with the family for New Years Eve.15724528_10211616020175374_7478756787961888315_o It was nice getting to spend some time with my siblings. I am not that close to my step sister Christina or my step brother Ernie so it was nice getting to spend time with them.

That evening we had the New Years Eve Party to go to. It was at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. There was a lot of people that I had never met before so I felt a bit awkward. I spent the first part of the evening with Donna and my step mom Denise.  Chelsea and I kept alternating between visiting with Grandma & Aunt Debbie to Denise and Donna for the first portion of the evening. Chelsea also was spending time out on the patio with our cousin Abby, Aunt Martha and Caralynn playing Uno. Our family tends to play a lot of different games. I know I definitely had a great time and oh so many memories.

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