Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: Winter Vacation Part 1! #FamilyTime #WinterVacation

Chelsea and I always try to spend the New Years holidays with our family. Its easier for us to take time off after Christmas. We really love being able to spend Christmas with my hubby and also want to be able to spend time with my Grandma as well especially. Growing up I didn’t get to spend much time with her. I have only really been closer to her in the past 6 years now. I try to spend a few weeks every year over at my dad and mom’s house so that we are able to spend sometime with my grandma. Even though we have been going to visit a few times a year. We managed to do some new things this time. 

We spent our first day with Valerie and Dominic for most of the day then we headed over to my Aunts House so that we would be able to spend time with them as well. We had invited Grandma over to play games and enjoy dinner with us. Chelsea was exhausted when we arrived at Grandma’s so she took a nap and Grandma rested as well. Caralynn, Donna and I spent some time with every one else over at our Aunt and Uncle’s house.

15775114_10211606690982150_1609711566748813041_oThis year we brought our friend Donna with us to visit and she hadn’t been to California before so we wanted to show her different things around the community. We took her to check out the Airplane Museum and Charlie Browns. Charlie Browns is a large shop with tons of things to see. They even have a cafe inside. They have many different types of collectibles and gifts.

15844066_10211625782819434_1313211202831179390_oWe also went to see the Water Towers in Quartz Hill. I had not done that long of walk and hike in a long time so that was a different experience for me. I definitely met my goal on my fitbit that day. Even though I was very tired after the walk and sore. I feel that it was a great experience. I learned that Donna liked to collect rocks like me. Both of us had are fair share of rocks by the time our walk was over.

15723509_10211606689262107_4118706616085614084_oChelsea got to spend time with Rayna and Nana. Chelsea and Rayna are becoming close cousins even though they only get to see each other when we visit in California.  It is so cute hearing Rayna call out Chelsea’s name.  Chelsea really enjoyed getting to spend time with her little cousin.

This was only our first 2 days of our trip.

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