Adventures with Coley & Chelsea: Our Visit to the Wildlife Learning Center in Slymar California!

We hadn’t had a chance to spend sometime with our cousins Valerie and her son Dominic in way too long. So we decided to meet half way and enjoy the day together. Our friend Donna was with us as well. Chelsea just enjoys animals tremendously.So this little location was just a perfect stop for us.15780934_1234697906625021_8916480150089010774_n

We especially loved the fact that we could purchase our tickets on Groupon for about $4.50 per person. Its not a big place but there are many different animals to see.  There were many different reptiles and birds. As well as foxes, sloth, alligators, monkeys, and a few others.

This place is perfect for if you would like to have an outing for a few hours. 15780784_1234701116624700_372704650172111662_nI know that Dominic really enjoyed seeing the alligators. I also feel that Chelsea enjoyed seeing the sloth she even connected it with her favorite movie Zootopia she had seen several of them in the movie. Chelsea really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her cousin since he lives so far away from us we only see them every once in a while. Growing up Caralynn and I spent a lot of time with our Cousin Valerie before we moved to Las Vegas. We had many different adventures together and we really would love for our kids to have some of those adventures as well.

15822797_1234699719958173_5035471711506525292_nNext door to the center we were able to see a giraffe from a far. Chelsea and I just loved that. Chelsea’s all time favorite animal is a Giraffe though she does love looking at the other animals as well.

15726472_1234700336624778_1331622956858271029_n1Caralynn and Donna seemed to enjoy chatting with one of the Macaws. It was pretty funny listening to the bird imitate what they were saying. I do feel that this place was well kept and that the animals were properly taken care of. It was neat that they even had a little souvenir shop in the front office. As you walked into the place there was a box that you were able to get pet rocks from. Chelsea and I picked out a couple to take with us home so that we had a souvenir from our adventures. Chelsea even picked out one for Donna to have. We got permanent markers and marked were we got the rocks.

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