Family Time with Pokemon Go! #FamilyTime #PokemonGo #Pikachu #DaddysGirl


Chelsea has been trying to find ways to connect with her daddy and we have found just the thing. Around Thanksgiving Chelsea had heard some music coming from her daddy’s phone and she recognized it because we had been playing Pokemon Go every once in awhile when we would go for our walks. Chelsea has since constantly asked Omar to play the game so that she can play with him. The past week it has actually turned into family time. We have gone on walks  in our neighborhood together and even now taken a step further.

Last night we went to one of the local parks and walked around the man-made lake. There are many Pokemon Stops so we go to enjoy the ducks, bunnies and other scenery as well as walk around the park and play the game. Chelsea really enjoyed helping Omar play the game. We saw so many bunnies in the park while we were walking. Chelsea wanted to pet them but we explained they were wild and more than likely would bite her out of fear more than anything. She understood and just watched them.

Omar has introduced her to the cartoon as well so when we got home we watched a couple episodes of the first series. It was great just spending time the three of us. I really enjoy when everyone gets a long and just has fun. Chelsea really was having a blast spending time with her daddy. She really looks up to him and adores spending time with him. I love when we at least have moments like this. Omar keeps asking why I am playing the game if I have never seen the show before and I explained that I want something that we can do as a family. If this is a game that he likes that we should all play it especially since it is making our daughter happy.

I hope that we have many more adventures like this. It truly makes me happy when we are together. I love our little family. I feel that this is a great way for me to get out and get some exercise.


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