Adventures With Coley & Chelsea: 18th Annual KLUC Toy Drive! #KLUCToyDrive #FeelTheTingle

It has been a tradition of ours to either volunteer our time in the holiday season to help with the 98.5 KLUC Toy Drive or to donate back to the community by taking toys that we have collected throughout the year. 15350490_1217777248317087_1600156954256179581_nThis year Chelsea and I were able to get 3 boxes worth of toys to donate to the toy drive. We really love seeing all of the donations that are being dropped off and especially the “Sea of Bikes” there are thousands of bikes lined up together and at each moment the amount just keeps on growing. They were at Truck #23 I believe when we got there and were quickly filling it up. It was great to see old friends and to make some new.

Chelsea really enjoyed seeing the decorated Christmas Trees that they had for sale as well. 15400383_1217777161650429_4302371283209125591_nChelsea’s favorite was the White Christmas tree though she loved all of the other ones as well. She really enjoyed seeing Chet Buchanan, the rest of the KLUC staff and even the volunteers my fellow co-workers at HELP of Southern Nevada. Everyone’s faces were bright and cheery. This program really helps make my spirit feel good knowing that I am able to assist others so that they are able to have a great Christmas as well. I love instilling these traits in my daughter so that she will always have a caring heart to give back to the community.

15380413_1217776521650493_5095189635605817823_n I asked her the other day where does she want to work when she grows up and she said that she wants to work at my work. She wants to be able to assist others with their needs.

Visiting the Toy Drive is just one of the fun activities we like to do during the holiday season. We love going to see the Christmas lights and all of the beautiful decorations throughout the different neighborhoods in our community. It is fun seeing how people decorate their homes for the holidays.

What are some of your holiday traditions? Do you give back to your community in anyway? If so how?

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