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The December holidays usually mean hosting people overnight in your home. Of course, opening up your house to family and friends can be a great thing, but it also comes with the pressure of making sure you’re totally “guest ready!” Here are some easy tips to help your home feel more like a hotel to your guests:

The guest bedroom:

  1. Make sure bedding is clean and fresh

Seems obvious, right? But the white sheets you’ve had on your guest bed for ages might’ve greyed, that old comforter could have a few holes, and those pillows might be a bit flat. Even if they’re family, guests will appreciate bedding that’s in good shape!

  1. Put extra blankets and pillows on the bed

Your guests could get cold in the night, and having an extra blanket on hand means they can layer up (without waking you!). Same goes for pillows: too many is better than not enough, as they can always remove the ones they don’t want.

  1. Select a few classic books or magazines

In case your guests need something to read to help them fall asleep at night, leave out a selection of current magazines and/or classic books for them to flip through.

  1. Make extra room in the closet or dresser

If guests are staying for a long period of time, they’ll probably want to take their clothes out of their suitcase and fold or hang them. Clear out some space for them, and leave plenty of spare hangers.

  1. Provide a phone charger

People so often forget their phone charger when traveling, so leaving a spare one for the most common type of phone can really help out your guests. You can use a desktop organizer to create a charging station free of messy cables.

The guest bathroom:

  1. Make sure everything’s super clean

It probably goes without saying, but guests will appreciate a spotless bathroom. Utilize smart storage solutions to make sure unsightly things like old hairbrushes are tucked neatly away.

  1. Create a sampling of products

Chances are you already have a collection of sample-sized products from beauty purchases or stays in hotels, so put them together in a bathroom caddy and let guests use them as they please. They’ll appreciate not having to lug around their own shampoo!

  1. Leave towels out

Don’t make guests have to creep through your linen closet to find towels. Roll them up to make them look polished, and then place them on the guests’ beds or in the bathroom. Don’t forget a washcloth and hand towel, too!

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